Smartwatches are acquiring a great grip over the technology market, and also now Archos has signed up with the line up! This CES, there were 3 Archos Smartwatches released.

Archos smart watch view, cool gadgets

At the expo, the supplier revealed its flagship model that has e-ink, curved touchscreen and also an aluminum casing.

The Arcos Smartwatch is powered by an effective screen and Bluetooth 4.0 LE, makings the electric battery work for a week and fifty percent. The watch will have the ability to get in touch with mobile phones via Android as well as iOS as well as deliver alerts and also songs playback controls. This version will be valued at $130 which will be less costly compared to the original Stone.

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The base Archos smartwatch will certainly use a memory LCD. Its screen size will certainly be 1.55″ in diagonal and will display only black as well as white. This design will certainly be released initially at $50 as well as will certainly last with 2 weeks of battery life.

Archos additionally revealed an additional version that will certainly have 1.8″ screen with shade LCD. The watch will certainly be valued at $100 as well as it’s noticeable that the shade LCD will consume a lot more electric battery, yet still the electric battery life stands excellent to 2 days. Only this version is believed to come with changeable wrist straps.

Archos view, cool electronics

Once Archos Smartwatches models are out, they are expecteded to give challenging competition to other much cheaper devices.