A charity relay from Chicago to New York City begins Thursday night and will certainly offer over ONE HUNDRED runners with smartwatches, granting them to send social networks updates on their progression, obtain content massage therapies from fans, and lets folks comply with the runners in real-time with GENERAL PRACTITIONER tracking. And the watch will certainly even act as the baton.

The Timex ONE Relay, an 800-mile, 22-day race that will certainly extend Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut just before reaching New York City, begins at 6 p.m. from the AT&T establishment on Michigan Ave. Each jogger will certainly have a TIMEX IRONMAN ONE GPS+ smartwatch, which will certainly allow joggers to discuss their encounter by means of social media and also get message messages without being attached to a cell phone.

The texting and live monitoring capacities will certainly grants good friends as well as followers to follow in addition to each runner’s development and also notification them with words of encouragement, which the runners will see on the watch.

The watch will likewise operate as the baton that joggers will pass along as they come close to completion of each relay leg. The charity relay will certainly support 32 various organizations.

‘Our goal for the Timex ONE Relay is to identify as well as empower an unique team of runners as they attacked the pavement to assist the reasons that matter most to them, as we attempt to transform the globe a mile each time,’ Sam Martin, Brand Supervisor of Timex Sports said in a declaration. ‘We’re specifically thrilled to elevate this program by linking runners from worldwide as well as granting them to play an active role via social networks, all of which will be made feasible by the brand-new TIMEX IRONMAN ONE GENERAL PRACTITIONER+.’