Android 5.1.1 for smartwatches has been out for a little while now, yet Motorola took some additional time to make certain it awaited the Motorola Moto 360. It’s lastly turning out now. This could be the most significant update Android Put on has actually read to date. There are numerous new attributes as well as enhancements that make the whole experience feel considerably more mature. Let’s have a look at a few of the very best new things.

Finally a built-in launcher

When Android Use was new a bunch of people thought it was missing an application launcher. There were a couple of various 3rd-party remedies, however it never seemed like they belonged on Android Use. Google has actually presented an app launcher in Android 5.1 that really feels considerably more efficiently. You can touch the watch face or swipe to the delegated bring up a checklist of apps (one of the most recent are presented on the top).

The launcher is not simply for apps. It’s in fact comprised of 3 pages: apps, get in touches with, and also search. The initial web page shows the listing of applications, yet wipe once again as well as you’ll read some frequently consulted with people from your contacts. Tap on an individual and also you could send them a message. Swipe over once again and also you’ll view the Google voice search web page that used to stand out up when touching the watch face.

Use the watch without your phone

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Android 5.1 adds WiFi connection to supported smartwatches. The Moto 360 takes place to be just one of the tools that could utilize this function. You can link your watch to a WiFi network as well as use it without being attached to your phone. Notifications and voice searches will still function on the watch. This function is not intended to replace your phone totally, but it’s nice for those times when your phone disconnects.

Lock your watch when it’s not on your wrist

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Phones teem with individual information as well as details, which is why there are a lot of various security methods we could make use of. Smartwatches do not typically keep much personal data, so we haven’t truly considered just how to safeguard them. Google has introduced a brand-new attribute called ‘screen lock’ that ought to aid the situation.

In the settings you can develop a pattern password like you would certainly on any kind of Android phone. The suggestion is that when your watch senses the lack of movement, like if it’s asking for on a desk, the display lock will automatically involve. Regrettably, I haven’t had the ability to get this to function. You could additionally instantaneously activate the display lock from the settings.

Send hand-drawn emoji

One of the coolest brand-new functions in Android 5.1 is the capacity to draw emoji. When you tap ‘Reply’ to a notification you could scroll down to read a brand-new choice for ‘Draw emoji.’ It generally functions like handwriting recognition, only as opposed to letters you’re drawing emoji.

Draw a face and it will provide you the face emoji. Attract a bizarre squiggle as well as you may get the poop emoji. A few of the more intricate emoji are harder to draw, however it’s still enjoyable. You could also just select emoji from a checklist if you don’t seem like drawing.

Ambient mode for apps

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In previous versions of Android Use it was virtually difficult to utilize apps for any type of extensive time frame. As soon as the screen switched off it would certainly close anything you were doing and also go back to the watch face. This was really frustrating if you were attempting to cross things off a list, or surf an application. Android 5.1 solutions this problem.

Apps could now run in ambient mode (or ‘Constantly on’) if programmers support it, meanings that they remain noticeable on the screen when it transforms to black as well as white. If you do not utilize ambient method the application will still remain in the foreground also if the display screen shuts off. The most effective instance of this today is Google Keep.


Android 5.1 is a much-needed upgrade, and also it has taken a breath life back into the Moto 360. All these new functions and also enhancements create a considerably more refined experience. Just how has your experience with Android 5.1 on smartwatches been up until now? Which tool do you have? Look into the Android Put on section of for more concerning Android 5.1.1.