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Amazon (AMZN) has actually patented just what looks quite like its own version of Google Glass. The license shows what looks quite a lot like the modern pair of glasses just like Google Glass, but with a considerably various objective according to the license application.

Instead of being aimed at the customer market, it looks like the ‘pointer tracking for eye-level scanners and displays’ would certainly be made use of by employees in storage facilities. The glasses would certainly be able to acknowledge items and where they go based on packging, mailing addresses or computer system bar or QR codes. The sensing units would certainly also be able to inform what kind of task the items are made use of for, a handy device in arranging the massive storehouses where stores its products.

That would indicate no more clipboards or perhaps tablet computer systems would be essential. Keeping the hands complimentary would indicate there ‘d be no need to take time to put it away if an activity needed one of both hands. This might be a vital development in the wearable tech globe, specifically in the eyeglasses classification that has actually battled with grabbing people’s passions the method smartwatches or various other equipment have. Making this sort of technology appealing to commercial companies could possibly be the following logical step for them, although presumably they ‘d have to be a great deal a lot more sturdy compared to Google Glass as well as possibly won’t have stylist branding them.