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Full disclosure. I bought my Moto 360 approximately 5 month ago, and also have actually been utilizing it on a daily for a lot of then. Nevertheless, as time passes, I use it much less and also much less. Don’t acquire me incorrect – I like my Moto 360. It’s been a fantastic little helper for all points on-the-go. Yet some attributes are merely not developed enough to see myself wearing it all day every day. However a new Anroid Wear upgrade may merely change that.

According to a recent blog post by Google, Android Put on smartwatches will now be obtaining one of the most significant updates in the short (yet impressive) record of Google’s smartwatch OS.

Launch Android Wear apps with the new as well as revamped Application Launcher

For those of you who do not know, similar to on Android phones, Android Put on smartwatches have the ability of running applications. In the previous, the means an application was launched was easy, but something about it simply seemed somewhat off-putting, touching on the screen, scrolling down a single-column listing of apps and also activities … It’s simply not the stuff we are used to see on our Android phones, and the entire encounter (also design-wise) didn’t even resemble exactly what we would anticipate from a company like Google.

The brand-new Android Put on app launcher, nonetheless, guarantees an improved experience and functionality. Touching on your smartwatches’s display will draw out a launcher with three tabs: applications, get in touches with as well as activities. Google has separated all of those, reconizing the relevance of providing users easy as well as quick accessibility to the things they require in a smartwatch. Listed below you will certainly see how the new launcher will certainly resemble on a rounded display. On a Moto 360, certainly, the tiny black bar (a.k.a. ‘puncture’) will block out a tiny part on the bottom of the screen.

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Also, the new upgrade will permit changing in between Google Now cards by snapping your wrist, which need to remove the have to touch the screen.

If you wish to attain an encounter better to ‘typical’ Android phone launchers, go in advance as well as attempt Use Mini Launcher, which is my go-to Android Use launcher to day. It’s very easy to use, adjustable and gives you simple accessibility to setups. Check it out.

Reply to notifications from your smartwatch using emojis

Since the really starting, Android Put on assisted a feature that of us were really thrilled concerning – sending messages from your smartwatch. It comes in quite helpful if you swiftly want to reply to an indeed or no inquiry or show-off the remarkable functions of your smartwatch. For the newbies, you could respond to- as well as send out text notifications by chosing from a few pre-programmed messages or making use of the built-in dictation feature.

With the new upgrade Google announces the assistance of emojos, which you could merely make use of your smartwatches’s display, as well as it will instantly transform your laughable effort to attract a ‘green light’ on a 1.56 inch screen right into a fine-looking Android-style emoji.

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Let’s be real right here for a minute. When I wish to reply to a notification from my Moto 360, I am not seeking to attract an emoji on a small display. Similar to the Apple-Watch-heartbeat-sharing-thingy as well as the real-time hands illustration, this function is definitely worthless, unless you are a person that thinks of his/her smartwatch equally as dabble a wristband, instead of a functional addition to your phone.

Also, making use of voice recognition still appears very awkward when utilized in public. Although it works really well for me, touching on ‘reply’ and bringing my watch near my mouth and also speaking into it makes me seem like a spy from a film using the most up to date technology to talk with the command center.

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What a lot of us would possibly choose to see it something along the lines of custom-made pre-programmed quick answers to selected from. Google’s very own Android keyboard can already forecast the following word you really want to type (and also so does SwiftKey), so why not use this modern technology to identify a listing of fast solutions? I don’t understand about you, but I ‘d absolutely enjoy that.

Android Use getting Wifi assistance, now Semi-Independent from your phone

Right now, the only method for you to have access to all of your Android Put on watch’s attributes is to be attached to your Android tool using Bluetooth. On its own and also not being hooked up to the web, my Moto 360 had really restricted capability, which boiled down to actually imitating a watch/timer and activity screen (read action counter).

With the brand-new upgrade, Google vows that some Android Put on smartwatches will certainly be acquiring Wifi support. For the ordinary individuals this suggests that you can now go even more far from your phone, as well as still be able to gain access to all attributes that need an internet link, even if your phone’s Bluetooth runs out reach. BUT…

… both of your tools (the watch and the phone) require to be hooked up to the net at the exact same time, despite the location of either of those. Just gotten to the office and realized that you left your phone in the house? No fears, you will get all your notifications on your wrist.

Wifi support also has a nice feature, which permits you to listen to your music on Google Play on the go, also if you left your phone at residence. For those of you roaming: No, Android Wear watches do not have speakers or audio ports. To access this feature you would require Bluetooth earphones and a net link on your Use tool. My biggest worry below is battery life. This brings us to the final component of this blog post.

Improved battery life for always-on screen as well as always-on apps

Battery life is possibly THE largest problem of all Android Use customers. With typical use, and the screen being off the majority of the time, my Moto 360 will certainly last me though an entire day from 7AM to 12PM, and I still have around 15-20 % left. Charging the smartwatch goes really fast, however I don’t have several battery chargers available anywhere I go.

Some customers choose the always-on mode, where you view a quite dimmed graphic at all times, so you can promptly eye your screen without the need to touch it or bring the watch to your face. Nevertheless, this method drains the battery like there is no tomorrow.

The new upgrade ought to solve that problem. As an example, if you are running Google Maps on your smartwatch with Always-On made it possible for, you will run out of battery really quickly. The brand-new update will now dim your display and flip the graphic black and white to save battery.

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Not having checked it myself, I can’t inform you just how it will certainly influence your battery life, also if whatsoever. Because Google is constantly trying to improve its wearable OS, I could envision that the most up to date Android Use upgrade also contains some battery-life enhancing upgraded and solutions. The only point we can do now is wait and also see.


Google does a fantastic task at improving Android Wear. Every brand-new upgrade brings along some brand-new amazing function, enhancement or repair, that all people Android Wear fans love.

The latest update addresses a few of our priorities, but I think that there is much even more room to expand. If you do not already own an Android smartwatch, research out our article to see if a wearable is truly worth it to you or not.

I will make certain to update this blog post as quickly as the update hits my Moto 360. Until then, like us on Facebook as well as follow us on Google+ to obtain the current updates (news, not the software application ones).