The year 2015 is toning up to be the ‘Year of the Smartwatch,’ as Apple launches their long-awaited watch this month, Pebble Time merely raised over twenty million bucks in a record-destroying Kickstarter project, as well as it seems that nearly weekly we find out concerning a new Android Wear watch– even Huawei is participating the game.

But I’m not here today to review any one of these fancy brand-new wearables. I’m here to assess a tool that long comes before the present appeal of ‘wearables.’ Years prior to the elusive $200 ‘Microsoft Band,’ Microsoft partnered with Timex to develop the world’s very first smartwatch: the Timex Datalink.


Released in 1994, the Timex Datalink was the very first watch to synchronize personal information from a computer. Yes, I have one, which’s my wrist envisioned above.

I acquired my Datalink all new in 1995, when Microsoft was supplying them as a mail-in benefit with the acquisition of Microsoft Workplace 95. As in, I actually eliminated the UPC ‘receipt’ from our boxed duplicate of Workplace 95 and also literally forwarded it in with a discount kind. Six to eight weeks later my Timex Datalink arrived.

Here’s a quick run-through of all the functions packed right into this not-so-modern technological marvel:

  • Stores up to 150 contact number (hence the ‘150’ in the design name)
  • Synchronize calls, sessions, and also to-do listings directly from your computer
  • Five separate daily alarms
  • Twelve loadable ‘WristApps’ like stopwatch, countdown timer, and also a golf scorekeeper.
  • 10 Selectable chime/beep audio effects
  • 11.2 mm thick, 42mm diameter, as well as evaluates 114g (with my after-market metal web link band)
  • Three-row LCD, bottom row is an 8-character dot-matrix display
  • Three year battery life on a single exchangeable CR2025 3V battery
  • Takes a licking as well as continues ticking

The watch obtains all this information from the PC wirelessly. Of course, the Datalink does not make use of Bluetooth. Although Bluetooth was developeded the very same year the Datalink was released, the initial tools to make use of the now-ubiquitous wireless method were not released up until 2000. The Datalink’s cordless innovation really has to be attended be thought. Take a look at this classic TELEVISION commercial:

You listened to that right. The Datalink PC app transmits every little thing to the watch by swiftly blinking a series of barcodes on your computer system’s display. It resembles some insane engineer’s hack, but as opposed to posting it on Reddit, Timex as well as Microsoft released it as a major office product. And the really crazy thing is that it actually works… or rather, it used to work.

new tech gadgetsIt ends up there are some drawbacks to lugging around innovation old adequate to legitimately appreciate a tight drink. You may have seen in the video clip over that the 1994 screen is a little bit … thicker than the flat panels we’re utilized to making use of today. If you haven’t updated your smartwatch considering that 1994, you haven’t been able to upgrade your display, either. It ends up that crazy designer’s data transmission hack just functions with CRT monitors. Oh, and also the Datalink software program will simply operate on a 32-bit Windows COMPUTER. Fortunately I suffice of a computer specialist that I still take place both of these active ingredients laying around so I could still utilize my Datalink.

Sure, the Timex Datalink doesn’t send me signals from my phone, matter my steps, track my sleep, or run apps from Amazon, Redfin, Uber, or … well, anyone, as it ends up. As the earliest access into the Smartwatch race, pre-dating the remainder of the market by well over a decade, it’s actually pretty outstanding. It’s also got the existing industry thoroughly beaten in a minimum of one category: battery life.

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Timex hasn’t marketed the Datalink given that the late 1990s, however you could pick one up for $70-$115 on Simply keep in mind to spending plan a little added for the CRT and an old 32-bit PC.