According to recent reports, Asus is already striving on a new version of the ZenWatch having just introduced the wearable back in late 2014 at IFA Berlin. The second-gen ZenWatch 2 is said to be an advanced variation of the original, supplying an electric battery life of up to seven days.

Asus ZenWatch, new tech gadgets

The ZenWatch is specified by us as a companion of a smartphone, and we believe it still has a great deal of room for renovation,’ Asus Chairman Jonney Shih told reporters in Taiwan. The current-generation ZenWatch runs Google’s Android Put on OS and like most smartwatches, has actually to be coupleded with a smartphone and also just lasts a day or 2 at one of the most on a single charge.

Shih took place to clarify that the lengthy battery life of the upcoming wearable is an outcome of the dramatically simplified chipset and OS configuration. With numerous OEMs, including Apple, struggling to solve electric battery life problems with their wearables, the ZenWatch 2 could astound the competitors having gotten over the problem that presently establishes numerous smartwatch’s presence in the congested market.

‘As a friend tool, its central processing device as well as os should be a lot more streamlined than the current version, to ensure that I could use it for approximately seven days on one charge, instead compared to for merely 2 days.’

Asus ZenWatch, cool gadgets

In addition, the ZenWatch 2 will certainly provide independent voice-calling and also communication functions utilizing its own SIM-card, similar to rival Samsung’s Gear S. Earlier statements from Shih have actually recommended that the Asus ZenWatch 2 will be officially introduced during Q3 2015. The present ZenWatch has actually been hailed as one of the best-looking Android Wear devices to this day, and is available for around ₤ 200, housing a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 512MB of RAM and 4GB eMMc flash storage.

On a smartwatch relevant note Apple has actually validated, during a conference phone call regarding its current record-breaking monetary report, that its past due Apple Watch is readied to deliver in April of this year.