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The Apple Watch is getting a brand-new rival as Tag Heuer as well as Intel reveal a smartwatch of their very own on Thursday baseding on a record from Reuters.

The watch will be a clever, digital variation of the Tag Heuer Carrera watch, one of the very popular designs for the Swiss company. It will apparently have many of the very same features of the Apple Watch as well as various other smartwatches, including location-tracking and also gauging how far you take a trip and also at what elevation above sea level. The cooperation and also the watch will certainly be revealed at Baselworld, the world’s biggest watch conference, yet it will not really be offered for sale till the fall.

Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver informed Reuters that it will feel and look like the standard Carrera watch, with all the extra functions constructed into a benefit. He suggested that the Apple Watch will certainly have a duty in acquiring millennials, who don’t constantly have the habit of wearing a watch, made use of to the idea. Then ‘later on possibly they will certainly want to get themselves a genuine watch,’ he said.

It’s a bit untimely to offer the Apple Watch credit rating for altering the wrist device behaviors of a generation. There’s no assurance that it will be a success, however clearly Tag Heuer intends to be prepared to compete with its own alternative in advance in situation the Apple Watch squashes the watch market the method the iPod did to the CD industry.

It may not have that effect on the higher-end conventional watches though, which are arguably as much about being a fashion accessory and standing sign as long as a device for telling time. It could divide the sector into 2 quite different fields, somewhat like just how high-end LP documents are still offered and also cherished in a market very various from the mp3 audio world.