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As the popularity of wearables continuouslies rise, increasingly more firms are creating gadgets to maintain you atop your health. Virtually all those gadgets are designed for functionality, rather than fashion. Now, a wearable tool based in Chicago is maintaining design in thoughts while also supplying up to the minute health and wellness stats.

Mira is a wearable tool as well as app created specifically for women that maintains track of your actions, miles walked, as well as calories shed. The app also gives Boosts, which are personal notifications to aid you remain motivated. Mira is designed to look more like an arm band compared to a wellness tracker, permitting users to feel comfy using it to classier functions.

Mira can be found in combed gold or midnight purple and also is additionally detachable so you can clip the tool to your clothing if you ‘d like to not use it on your wrist.

Mira recently released a Kickstarter project for the device and also is seeking to raise $10,000 by January 5.

‘Let’s obtain real. A lot of women simply do not have the moment to spend several hours at the health club, or take a yoga lesson 3 times a week,’ the Kickstarter checks out. ‘These women put their households, occupations and also various other responsibilities. They require basic and simple means to match in health and fitness. We also recognize that a lot of trackers don’t talk to a female’s feeling of style.

‘That’s why we created Mira, a magnificent bracelet, removable tracker and mobile app that learns more about you.’

Mira can be found in 3 dimensions an runs $169. The business expects to supply the device to backers by January 2015.

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