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New e-ink modern technology is could considerably minimize your footwear wardrobe with instantaneous color adjustments with smart footwears imbedded with wearable technology. The Volvorri clever footwear by iShüu Technologies includes a digital paper display panel on the high heel pump that can go from white to black as well as to a pattern when regulated via a mobile app. No have to have both a black and white pump anymore, since now you can have both in one shoe.

iShüu Technologies developed their wise, shade changing footwear originally as part of the Louis Vutton Reward. Their functioning prototype was a women’s footwear that might instantaneously alter the look of the footwear with the aid of electronic paper. Utilizing a mobile application (apple iphone or Android), the wearer can tell the shoe to feature a white, black or patterned accent. Electric batteries and also Bluetooth electronic devices are hidden in the sole of the pump hidden in the platform.

Now iShüu is running an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to generate a collection of the Volvorii Smart Shoe. The digital ink heel is available in either black or white and also could be altered via the app as well as e-ink display with a white, black or formed accent. This innovation is the very first step to generating color-changing footwears that could function for any sort of clothing or event. Quickly we might also have footwears that go from red to blue, to polka dot and even zebra stripe all at the touch of a switch as well as simply needing one set of shoes. Wearers could also alter the appearance of their footwear by adding on bow or band accents. The Volvorii Smart Footwear is just readily available so far via the IndieGoGo campaign beginning at $249.