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Biking to work is great, however cycling with a large, silly headgear isn’t really perfect. Closca Fuga is a collapsible bike helmet that offers all the defense you require for your noggin, but collapses down by HALF so you can save it in a bag or backpack. The Red Dot Style Award 2015 winning bike headgear is much less roadway bike warrior, and rather a much more fashionable and classic hat that will make you wish to use your bike in the early morning.

‘Only 12 percent of urban bicyclist worldwide wear a helmet,’ states Carlos Ferrando, founder of Closca. ‘The primary reasons for why they don’t are as a result of extreme volume, lack of portability and the metropolitan style.’ Those factors coupled with that his wife didn’t wish to wear a stylish safety helmet when she biked to work, prompted Carlos to come up with a better choice – a trendy, mobile and also secure bike helmet. Ferrando coordinated with The Polytechnic College of Valencia, Biomechanics Principle of Valencia, and Culdesac to make and also create the third product.

Closca Fuga, or Fuga for brief, is a level collapsible helmet that could match in your bag, allowing a cyclist to take it with them right into the office, a restaurant or buying without it being difficult. The headgear is available in white or black with a detachable visor as well as could be accentuated with an aviator design insert or a woollen insert for cold climates. Ferrando states, ‘Treating cycling as a symbol itself, it has actually influenced us to develop a truthful set of safety helmets, where form as well as feature coexist in an equilibrium.’ The collapsible headgear is safety and security approved for the United States and also European Union and also lately was awarded a Red Dot Design Award for 2015. Closca Fuga is presently readily available via an IndiGoGo project and starts at $99 in either black or white with available upgrades.