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Jetpack give you wings, actually, don’t you think so? One of the most exciting means to permit loose and also hit flexibility, capturing into thin air like a kingfisher. Viewing a person with a jetpack on provides such an adrenaline rush, simply picture doing it yourself. Ok, enough of the melodrama talk, allow’s focus on this Guinness World Document that occurred in the city of Cavalaire sur mer positioned in South France.

58 risk-taker jetpack cyclists installed a performance that got inscribed in the Guinness Globe Document publications for the biggest water jet pack flight formation. The record was not nearly riding jetpacks in sync, but likewise regarding a themed ride that reminded me of the dolphins using in a pack to destination unknown.

One eye-catchy Guinness World Document which had some cool stunts and also synchronized actions

The record establishing jetpack cyclists included 2015 North American Flyboard Champion Damone Rippy and several other which marked the publications with their signature moves. Yes, Dampone did his ‘Eye of the Tornado’ transfer to excellence. The video that videotaped this world record attempt is placed with each other magnificently and the music simply fingernails it perfectly.

Just watch it as well as enjoy the following age water sports dream at its ideal. As well as of course do not fail to remember to enjoy the dolphin like actions meticulously, you’ll enjoy it to the core.