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It was just 2 years ago that we were wondering if Google Glass was to be the next big point in travel. And while Google Glass may be on the outs with traditional consumers, the modern technology is still being trialed for industrial applications– such as in traveling, where the steady data stream offers itself well to Glass’ heads-up display.

Schiphol Flight terminal is the most up to date company to leap on the ‘test it and also see’ bandwagon.

And although that the technology in its current type is dead to customers, the airport really appears delighted to be utilizing it. The airport created an app that permits a Glass user to quickly phone flight details according to eviction, as opposed to having to hire to dispatch.

In the future, the airport wants to add a distance-measuring function too, which would allow team to promptly measure the range in between taxiway barriers instead than gauging manually.

Schiphol made a video clip showing exactly how Glass was being deployed around the airport terminal as well as on the tarmac, being used to both track the traveler’s trip via the incurable as well as for getting information to procedures folks on the ground.

Certainly, the flight terminal’s says of technology via its usage of Glass are a little bit belated. However, if the technology is successful at speeding up deal with the street by liberating resources previously dedicated to calling details, that would be a remarkable gain in efficiency. Additionally, finding out about the traveler journey can also be valuable, as long as that details is translated into action.

Schiphol’s trial deployment of Google Glass complies with current Glass experiments at tourist attractions such as museums and airlines such as Virgin, which suggest that the innovation will doubtlessly sculpt out a specific niche for itself in specialized information-rich environments.

But similar to the Segway prior to it– which has now been relegated to uses such as cops as well as a little ridiculous city excursions– Glass is now on institutional ice. That’s not to state the modern technology will not remain to have some suitable applications in travel, simply as the Segway still does. If the modern technology remains to be deployed as well as checked within bigger organizations, Google may still have a winner that can be modified and also iterated after for future mainstream versions.