The Fos panels are made to be worn.

It could be hard to stand apart in a group, yet a bright, animated wearable LED panel ought to aid you obtain discovered. The Fos on Kickstarter is a material panel with Velcro strips. It evaluates a lot less compared to a golf sphere and could be affixed to clothes, backpacks, or nearly anything else you could believe to stick it on.

The Fos gets its animated display instructions wirelessly from your smartphone. It is aimed for active folks. Runners can display their heart price. Bicyclists could present their speeds. Picture seeing all the riders in the Tour de France kitted out with these.

Each Fos panel includes white or blue LEDs, a microprocessor, flash memory, and a power supply. The panel is connected to a sheet of material as well as is exceptionally thin.

An 11×3-inch Fos area is choosing a $149 promise. The total job goal is to raise $200,000. A piece of that is set up to go towards establishing applications for the Fos, so it can be used best out of the box.

One of the neater suggestions for Fos is to tie it in with GPS and biking. Enter your course right into an application and put on the patch on your back. The LEDs will display huge animated indicators revealing which direction you’re transforming as your phone tracks you on GENERAL PRACTITIONER. It would certainly give website traffic around you an extremely brilliant heads-up concerning your movements.

Fos appears like fun for any person right into wearable tech, but the metropolitan professional athlete audience will likely discover it specifically intriguing, as anything that improves your ability to be seen is a smart idea when you’re sweating away on the roads. Also, the Fos may well finish up being an inspirational device for careless individuals. When you have actually viewed 3 or 4 of these running by marketing incredible workout feats, you simply may be motivated to obtain your butt right into shape.

Fos could flash info bent on the public.

  • Fos wearable LED panel lights up urban athletes, geeky gadgets
  • Fos wearable LED panel lights up urban athletes, cool electronics