Google’s ATAP division has some actually cool – often ‘available’ – ideas of just how we’ll soon have the ability to connect with innovation in the future. Among those is Job Jacquard, ATAP’s touch-sensitive material job. At yet one more session throughout this year’s Google I/O Ivan Poupyrev – the person going both Project Jacquard and Soli – revealed a brand-new collaboration with Levi’s to launch their preferred Commuter coat with the innovation developed inside. Yes, it’s actually happening.

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Using sensing units weaved into the fabric, Levi’s Commuter x Jacquard by Google Trucker Coat links to a user’s phone and also allows them to interact with it by touching a specific section of the sleeve. Functions consist of answering/rejecting phone calls, as well as integration with services like Spotify, Google Maps, Strava. Google intends on releasing APIs, obviously, so that even more developers can hop on board. As much as resilience, Poupyrev claims you can manage it like other jacket, you merely require to ensure to get rid of the Bluetooth chip on the sleeve’s button loop before washing.

This isn’t some away modern technology. Google states the first Levi’s Traveler jacket with Job Jacquard will introduce in beta this fall (a coat beta, heh), with a bigger launch in Springtime of 2017. While we’re still trying to figure out if Task Jacquard supplies enough motivation to proactively look for out this technology in clothes, we certainly wouldn’t mind locating it come basic point in garments we’re currently using. Job Jacquard underwear, anyone?