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Google made waves on the web last month when it revealed what it is calling Project Glass. The business released some press chances of exactly what the product, Google Glasses, might eventually appear like. Appearing like a regular set of glasses in regards to just how the individual uses them, Google Sunglasses does not have any lenses. Rather, it has a small tranparent tool simply over the appropriate eye which works as a means of showing information in an overlay way. Since the dust created by the initial hysteria work month has actually resolved, we take a seat and assess whether Google Glasses is indeed the future of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and also Augmented Fact or simply hype.

Project Glass – The YouTube Video

On April Fourth 2012, a taster video clip was also launched to offer the globe a suggestion of exactly what making use of the glasses every day may be like. The video clip, which was fired in first-person, shows an elapsed day of the life of an owner of the glasses. The video clip’s storyteller starts his day by establishing up a time to consult a relative as well as chooses up an e-book on the best ways to play the ukulele. He plays the instrument for a good friend in the direction of the end of the video.

Of program, none of this is especially noteworthy by itself. The glasses are exactly what makes the video worth enjoying, as they help to streamline the narrator’s life by giving some useful functions. From the beginning, the glasses are giving him with information. He obtains a schedule alert via the display screen on the glasses, and also looking outdoors prompts the gadget to draw up the weather. Other GPS-based functions, such as bring up a map when he learns the subway service is down, are additionally highlighted.

The features displayed in the video clip include:

  • Appointment signals and also creation
  • Intelligent real-time climate information
  • GPS-based attributes, such as drawing up a map with directions
  • Web searches
  • Camera functions
  • Video chatting

Project Glass – The Facts

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  • Technology: LCD or AMOLED display screen, Video camera as well as GENERAL PRACTITIONER to obtain the area, Navigation is enabled by tilting the go to scroll and also click, Voice input as well as output, Android Os, Stand alone instead compared to a smartphone peripheral (although it can still operate as a mobile phone), Can use a mobile phone’s web connection with Wi-Fi or a low-power Bluetooth 4.0, Communicates directly with the cloud using IP, Most likely 1GHz ARM A8 256MB RAM and 8GB Storage
    (Source: Seth Weintraub)
  • Release Date: Google has actually not announced a launch day yet however The New York Times has reported ‘the glasses will go on sale to the public by the end of the year.’ Google is obviously uncertain if it will certainly have mass-market allure and so it could be considering making this an aviator program.
    (Sources: Seth Weintraub, The New York Times)
  • Price: According to ‘many Google staff members acquainted with the project that asked about not to be called,’ the glasses are expected ‘to cost around the price of current mobile phones.’ The New york city Times estimates the cost to variety from $250 to $600.
    (Source: The New York Times)
  • Competition: Apple are rumoured to be functioning on a type of wearable computer system. The business filed a patent in 2008 for a head-mounted screen hvac system that showed glasses with displays. Motorola also sells a head-mounted screen tool focuseded on company usage called the Golden-I, with the screen on an arm that awaits front of the wearer’s face. Google is method in advance beause of the employees employed within Google X – most notably Richard W. DeVaul (previous Apple designer that specializes in wearable computer systems and also now a Quick Critic with Google X) and Babak Parviz (associate lecturer at the College of Washington, specializes in bio-nanotechnology)
    (Source: The New York Times)

Project Glass – My View


Most of the functions shown off in the Project Glass video overlap with what smartphones do currently. The distinction, certainly, is in the hands-free nature of the glasses as well as the augmented fact offered by them. Hence, they could come true in the not-so-distant future

However, it appears not likely that they would completely replace the smartphone, because some capabilities such as playing games, for instance, would certainly be made a lot more tough without using a handheld device. Job Glass does have the possible to be a quite valuable complement to smartphones, though.

Although the video production shows off a great deal of amazing brand-new features, it is still primarily just an intro. While the majority of the functions are voice controlled, it is vague exactly how users of the glasses would access certain functions. The video itself has certain abnormalities. At one factor, the film’s narrator looks outside a window and also the climate appears instantly on the display. Is this something that would certainly occur whenever customers take a look at the sky, or is this triggered somehow?

There might or may not be a lengthy delay to have actually these concerns answered. It is hard to evaluate how far along Google is in the development of Job Glass. No release date or various other prospective info has actually been launched concerning the glasses, but Google’s founder, Sergey Brin, was seen using the gadget at a recent event.

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Even, a lot more recently, the head of Google X Sebastian Thrun appeared on The Charlie Rose Program to discuss Google Sunglasses, while putting on a set himself. The reality that there is a functioning prototype in the crazy suggests that the project may be close to hitting the marketplace, however the absence of concrete information likewise indicates that they are nowhere near being ready for mass intake. Hopefully Google will certainly have some answers in the coming weeks, as they’ve stired up unlimited conversation and exhilaration for the glasses.