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Google has actually submitted a particularly creepy license that would allow a wearable gadget to develop a video database of our ‘memories,’ all taped utilizing a wearable gadget such as a future iteration of the Google Glass.

While the Glass permitted users to videotape video footage, if this brand-new license was to be put right into method it would certainly build after this feature considerably by enabling individuals to videotape much lengthier video clips, extending to a whole 24-hour day. These recordings would certainly after that be uploaded to a cloud-based storage space system, with you then able to utilize voice control in order to accessibility these ‘memories’ as well as replay them at your discretion.

It’s unbelievably enthusiastic considering that existing technology would certainly not have the ability to save such a big amount of video clip footage, which Net upload fasts would confirm to be a significant road block for transferring the videos to the cloud. However, Google is likely filing the patent early to ensure that when the modern technology to sustain their suggestion does already existing, they’ll have the get on their competitors to bring this quirky idea to life.

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Aside from technological limitations, however, Google would additionally face the legal effects of properly allowing individuals to record any person and every person that they pass in the road. It was a problem that the initial Google Glass had, with restaurants and also theaters ordering that Glass users eliminate their tools before they entered, and it would just escalate if individuals of this future wearable could properly videotape their whole day. It’s a circumstance that would inevitably make a great deal of people uneasy, understanding that whomever they were holding a chat with which was wearing the device would possibly be taping them, and also could watch the replay of their conference later.

It continues to be to be seen just how and also if this patent will ever before be applied by Google, and also the plain thought of it is certainly befuddling, creating pictures of Charlie Brooker’s sci-fi series Black Mirror as well as its episode ‘Entire Past history of You’ in which users’ effectively spoiled their lives with a really similar gadget by replaying the shabby memories of their liked ones, however it goes to least one more appealing usage for a head-mounted display screen that isn’t really digital or increased reality.