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Google has actually gone and proved yet once again that Google Glass is not dead. After the statement, that Google was ending the Glass Explorer program, lots of people leapt to the conclusion that Google Glass was dead. Nonetheless, Google proved them incorrect by revealing its advancement from the scrape which too under a new leadership. For those which still do not state this, below is another piece of news to show that Google Glass is much from dead.

Delivering Next-Gen Prototypes

It is being stated that Google is already sending the early next-gen versions of the fresh prototype of Google Glass to its pick Glass of Work partners. This next version of the device is being sent out to them for testing as well as establishing the tool even a lot better. The next version is still in the early stages of its advancement, yet according to sources, Google has actually been independently showing different models to its Glass at Job partners as early as October, 2014. The gadget was potentially an older model which was created under the old routine.

However, reports have existed that the technology giant has actually shown a version of Google Glass to specific vital partners at the beginning of this year. It is however, not specific whether the tool is the newer version or it was just an additional most recent version which was sent out to companions for screening, under the aged management. That said, baseding on 9to5google. com record, Google has contacted at the very least one company after the change in management. This implies that Google either has something new to show them or it is still continuing with the older prototype.

Google is now dealing with Tony Fadell, a former Apple item executive and also Ivy Ross, a jewelry developer for the brand-new version of Google Glass.

Still Committed to Draw out Google Glass

Even though there has actually been a change in the development of Google Glass, the company is still dedicated to bring out a consumer variation of this augmented reality glass and also it is working hard to show that. This includes developing a new program for Glass at the office. This indicates uniting 10 startups focused on developing brand-new software application for the next-gen Google Glass.

Google is choosing the companies carefully which can sign up with the Glass at the office program and also is maintaining a close eye on each of them to see to it that high quality software is established for it AR glass. This is different than the earlier method where anybody might make apps for the tool. This careful strategy could bring success for Google Glass this time.

It is as well early to understand if that holds true, but time will tell if the decision of starting Google Glass from square one is best or wrong.

What’s your thought?

Do you believe this is a good decision by Google? Do you own the earlier prototype of Google Glass? Share your sights in the comments below.