Third Eye haptic glove for visually impaired, best gadgets

Going to the food shopping mall and purchasing your called for foodstuffs doesn’t appear a lot of a task for normal individuals. For reliant aesthetically impaired people it can be a day-to-day struggle. To assist blind people in making it through their day-to-day tasks without much problem, Penn State computer researcher Vijay Narayanan with assistance from graduate student Siddharth Advani has developeded a wearable device that’ll aid aesthetically impaired at the grocery shop.

Third Eye haptic glove for visually impaired, coolest gadgets

He calls it the Third Eye, as well as this haptic glove gadget is based on an elliptical trainer vision system that scans the grocery store like human does and afterwards attracts the interest of user to visit that certain item. The system for now is qualified of recognizing over 90 grocery store items, and as the person takes place a buying spree in the grocery store the system offers coded vibration feedback concerning the different things in front of it. This assists in buying the desired FMC items and also therefore conserves a bunch of time as well as reliance on other individuals is additionally eliminated.

Moreover unlike other systems, the web cam is affixed to the palm of the glove, as well as when the individual factors at the various items in supermarket it provides all the appropriate info to make the legitimate choice.

The wearable device is still a long method from landing in customer’s hands, yet Narayanan and also his group are looking for methods to make this wearable even more user-friendly and also error-free. That of-course will take time, and also they appear to be going in the ideal direction.

Third Eye haptic glove for visually impaired, awesome gadgets