It’s August 13th! We’ve been drumming up to this day since Samsung announced they had a news to make. Things begin at 11AM Eastern time today, which has to do with 4PM for our friends over in the United Kingdom.

So, just what’s going down today? Excellent question. Thankfully no one at Samsung could keep a key to save their lives, so we have a bit of a concept about what to anticipate. Let’s look whatsoever of the points we’re almost 100 % sure will be announced, as well as some bits that might stun us.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

It would seem foolish for Samsung not to be continuing the Galaxy Note line this year, no? We’re completely anticipating a new version referred to as the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. As we would certainly visualized when Samsung validated a brand-new costs develop for their Galaxy series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will feature a nice sandwich including 2 pieces of glass and also a metal frame packed within. It’ll be as slim and also sleek as any kind of Galaxy Note gadget has actually been, otherwise considerably more-so.

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Unfortunately, that will come with a number of downsides that we also experienced on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge: the lack of removable battery and no broadened storage space (though one particular dual-SIM version may consist of support for one). It likewise most likely will not be waterproof. Those are three biggies that would be enough to transform many of you off. We likewise listen to the slim type factor will result in a slim battery, with the phone obtaining a 3,000 mAh juice pack compared to yesteryear’s 3,220 mAh.

Everything else should be squeaky clean. The S-Pen is making a return, certainly, as well as there could possibly be some brand-new functionality waiting many thanks to a cool clickable top that has been suggestioned in previous leaks.

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And, well, it’s most likely exact to claim that virtually every little thing else concerning the phone will certainly match the Samsung Galaxy S6 as well as S6 Side spec-for-spec. The few significant distinction are its inclusion of a larger 5.7-inch screen with 2560 x 1440 resolution. Samsung is also rumored to be bumping the RAM inside to a full 4GB, which is a welcome discovery taking into consideration how strongly TouchWiz makes use of RAM.

Everything else need to coincide, including a 16 megapixel rear video camera with optical image stabilization, a 5 megapixel front video camera, Samsung’s 64-bit Exynos 7420 Octa-Core chipset, cordless charging, a finger print scanner and NFC. There will be storage alternatives beginning with 32GB as well as possibly varying up to 128GB.

We’re anticipating Android 5.1 Lollipop for software program, though if the current Samsung devices are anything to go by after that it doesn’t alter much in addition to giving you a little bit much more control over the choices laid out in your alert pane. It must have some unique Note-specific features, however, such as Air Command and also Air Sight (which allow you to execute quick activities as well as obtain a glance at details merely be hovering over the screen).

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

If the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is just a larger Samsung Galaxy S6 with an S-Pen, after that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Side Plus is merely merely a huge Galaxy S6 Side, with a 5.5-inch 2560 x 1440 rounded display screen. It must have more RAM compared to the initial Samsung Galaxy S6 Side at 4GB as well as an appropriately larger battery at 3,000 mAh, but every little thing else ought to be available in even.

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That indicates it shares the shady attributes such as no detachable battery as well as absence of expanding storage space, and also it’ll additionally have the same cams (16MP back, 5MP front), chipset (Exynos 7420) and also features (wireless charging, NFC as well as finger print scanner) as the initial. It’ll start at 32GB and will likely go as high as 128GB if you’re wiling to toss down more coin.

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One point that’s come to light is that the Side screen will certainly be getting some new functionality, so there’s that. You’ll still have access to your favorite 5 individuals, but you’ll currently get more choices for messaging them such as sending video or launching video clip calls. We may additionally be able to quick launch a number of apps from the Edge display screen, though there’s no word on whether ‘Apps Side’ will make a return (where you could run mini apps on the brink display screen independent of the remainder of the software program).

Oh, and one more thing:

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Yup, Samsung is making that for it.

Samsung Pay launch details

Samsung Pay is meant to be released in Europe, Asia and the United States this year, and rumor has it the launch will certainly correspond with that of the Galaxy Note 5 as well as S6 Edge Plus’s.

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We’re bound to listen to more details about the service’s launch, though we currently understand a better deal about it, including its use of Magnetic Secure Transmission innovation to be utilized with nearly any settlement terminal that approves modern credit history cards.

New Samsung tablet with costs design?

This is where we go off the map as well as start pondering concerning things we might see that Samsung was able to maintain under covers. While we have not listened to much about a brand-new Galaxy Tab (with the exception of them working on an absurdly-large 18-inch tablet computer), their taster page for this occasion seemed to reveal 3 devices. To be reasonable, you cannot truly inform just what any one of the tools are.

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We feel in one’s bones there were 3 unique lines, as well as among them was dramatically larger than the remainder. Maybe Samsung was simply offering us an artsy portrayal of their ‘bigger is much better’ concept, or probably we’ll have a warm brand-new tablet to obtain delighted for. Just way to discover is to tune in.

Samsung Equipment A round smart watch?

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We additionally know Samsung is working on a circular clever watch. It would be silly for them to make a whole SDK for it if they typically aren’t. That wise watch may come to market referred to as the Samsung Equipment A, and if a recent SDK update is anything to pass it might have an awesome rotary dial for navigating the UI.


We ‘d expect the clever watch to still be running Tizen, as well as we ‘d additionally expect it to work with just Samsung items. That’s an embarassment for those which intend to be locked right into the Android Wear ecological community, however if you do not care concerning that it needs to transform out to be a quite fine wise watch. Let’s wish they prepare to reveal it off later.

What are Samsung Real-View and Bright-View?

These two names have just turned up in recent hallmark filings. Just what are they? We recognize Samsung made use of to make a Bluetooth-enabled rear sight mirror named Real-View, so maybe we might be in-store for a contemporary refresh. They might also simply be names of some brand-new display screen functions on their most recent phones that we have not read about yet. In either case, we’re watching out.

You excited?

So, there’s a lot to take in also if Samsung is just releasing their two brand-new phablets today. Are you excited for the phones? Expecting something a lot more? Allow us understand directly in advance, and stick to us throughout the day as we bring you complete as well as proceeded coverage from New york city City beginning at 11AM Eastern.