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Tech business like Samsung, LG, as well as Motorola are looking into making wearable modern technology that complements their smartphones. Samsung as an example has the Samsung Equipment which works together with the Galaxy as well as Keep in mind series.

Other wearable tools like the LG G Watch and the Motorola Moto 360 are basically stand-alone gadgets which act much like mobile phones themselves. Other business are currently doing the same, like HTC with their One Put on. With the incorporation of the word ‘One’ in the item name, this will most likely enhance the One M8 or maybe the M7.

HTC hasn’t released also many specifics on the One Put on, yet there are currently a couple of leaks regarding its equipment as well as specifications, when it’s coming out, along with just how much it might opt for on the market.

For the release date, the One Put on is already set for a late August or very early September launch. There is conjecture that the One Wear will certainly be contending with the Moto 360 as it shares a similar round-face type design. Motorola still hasn’t already announced an official release date for their wearable smartwatch, where it was recently anticipated for a July release.

As for the One Wear, it is stated to have both a polycarbonate and steel variants, much like HTC’s line of smartphones. Numerous think that the watch may be made out of both materials, most likely a metal face and a rubber type plastic strap of sorts.

There are also leaked graphics of the watch’s user interface including three icons with the titles in Chinese. The symbols can be meant File Manager, Music, and also Remote Electronic camera, in order from delegated right.

A rate for the One Wear hasn’t already been officially announced by HTC yet, yet it is speculated to share a rate variety with the LG G Watch and the Motorola Moto 360, which is around the $350 (₤ 200) range.