geek gadgetsThe Huawei Watch is a quite elegant looking smartwatch as well as it was revealed earlier this year at MWC 2015. Nevertheless 5 months later on and there is still no view of the tool, although we mean the closest thing has come to a taster on Huawei’s website where they claimed that the watch would be coming soon.

But the inquiry is, how soon is quickly? Turns out it could effectively be following month when the gadget is launched. Exactly how do we understand this? According to several reports, it seems that there has been a discovery on where the retailer noted the Huawei Watch on its site. The tool seemed readily available for pre-order as well as it seemed to recommend a release on the 2nd of September.

The listing also priced the Huawei Watch at $349 for the fundamental design, and also it copulated approximately $799 for the gold layered stainless steel model, which is rather pricey as for Android Use watches are worried, however if you like what you see and also you could afford it, we mean why not, right?

Unfortunately the listing has given that been pulled. We could just assume that this is considering that it went up earlier compared to expected. We can not be sure if the provided Second of September launch date was only suggested to be a placeholder or if it s the actual deal, however in any case we intend we will certainly figure out next week!