Huawei’s little mix-up could have been shaken off as inaccurate, but a minimum of one detail in their Amazon listing for the Huawei Watch was true: iOS support is pertaining to Android Put on! Google has simply made the information authorities over at their blog.

Android Wear could now collaborate with the iPhone 5, 5c, Fives, 6, or 6 Plus running iOS 8.2 or higher. That’s not a horribly lengthy list of Apple tools, though it does cover 3 years of equipment and also whatever else the bitten fruit business is launching this year.

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Another listing that isn’t really awfully long for currently is the listing of wise watches that are really going to support iOS. The LG Watch Urbane sits on that list alone from today, with all future Android Use clever watches guaranteed to be added.

Google really did not offer an excellent reason as to why this constraint remains in place:

We wished to ensure that iOS customers would have a fantastic encounter with Android Break of the box. We’ve functioned with suppliers to guarantee that the most recent watches function truly well with contemporary apples iphone, yet in 2014’s watches aren’t technically supported.”

Funny, that, considering the LG Watch Urbane and also the LG G View R are almost the same under the hood. We would not be shocked if there are other, a lot more sneaky factors keeping older watches from being ‘practically supported’ (such as wishing to push sales for just the most recent smart watches), but this is all Google had to provide in relation to an explanation. Fingers crossed that the development area could find a means to bypass the ‘limitations’ that Google could not.

In any kind of instance, the support is ultimately right here, so those which’ve been starving over an Android Put on watch but could not use one because of being an apple iphone customer, today’s your day. Go in advance and get an LG Watch Urbane, or await several of the more recent options to drop later on this year.