Rihanna is every little bit the impolite female she’s consistently alerted you she is, as well as now she’s taken it to a severe level by teasing her Navy with a strategic selfie she was fully aware would certainly trigger a frenzy.

RiRi asserts to be listening her lengthy waited for new album, Anti, on $8,895.00 Dolce & Gabbana headphones with a crown connected. Before you get too thrilled, keep in mind that this does not suggest ANTI is completed and also it’s not a launch day. However it is definitely a phone call to action: purchase a crown. Immediately.

Crowns have actually played a big duty in the marketing of Anti we have actually seen so much, and also there’s one on the cd cover, which was released well prior to before #R 8 was even finished.

The crown makes sense– even if nothing else concerning Anti does yet– since RiRi is a queen as well as needs to be dealt with.

Rihanna has actually offered her fans four years to plan for this document, and also it’s time to make certain that your Anti-cipation is effective. This is not a time to be passive.

Ideally, you ought to buy the headphone/crown mix she’s using in the shot, since they are confirmed as a Rihanna-approved listening tool that will help you avoid listening to any type of noises created by somebody that does not have headphones that don’t set you back hundreds of dollars. And also, they’re magnificent. Do whatever you can to look as spotless as Rihanna.

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But if that’s not in your budget plan, hit up Celebration City for a much more budget-friendly alternative, like this one for $7.99.


Kanye will most definitely wear a crown, as well as we could possibly all stand to be a little more like Kanye.

Get shopping– Rihanna’s cd will certainly prepare when we are ready for it, if we ever before could be.

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