Meet Kei, the Champion of Story’s Golden Ticket

This is Kei, the one blessed winner of Story’s Golden Ticket Contest!

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Kei went into the competition when he was among the initial consumers to pre-order a Narrative Clip 2. When we informed him that he was the champion of Narrative’s Golden Ticket, he was both shocked and happy.

Kei lives in Gothenburg, Sweden and also five years ago, when Kei was a Secondary school pupil, he was granted a scholarship by the Japanese Government whereby he participated in a social exchange program in between the European Union and Japan. Along with 14 other European students he obtained the opportunity to go to Japan to examine at the Osaka Prefectural Otemae Secondary school for one semester. It was throughout his time in Osaka that Kei befriended the person which he now will be reconnecting with through Narrative’s Golden Ticket.


A team picture of the 15 European exchange pupils, along with Japanese federal government officials, institution agents, host families, and several European ambassadors at the Japanese Federal government’s Ministry of Education and learning, Society, Sports, Science as well as Innovation’s Headquarters in Tokyo in January of 2011.

Kei’s Story

During Kei’s time on Osaka, it had actually been set up for him to stay with three various host households, each for 2 months each time. The initial 2 host families, the Minamiguchi household, and also the Tsujioka family took terrific care of Kei. He seemed like component of their households and he obtained excellent ideas of day-to-day life in Japan. Unfortunately, when Kei relocated in with his 3rd and supposedly last host family members of the trip, points took a bad turn.

It was at the turn of the New Year, an ingrained and very purposeful holiday in Japan, that Kei located himself laid off in the 3rd host household’s huge apartment:

“The evening before New Year’s Eve, the whole host household decided in secret to leave and go to Nara, a city a couple of hrs far from Osaka. I had not been told anything – actually, the mother had talked weeks prior to of what the household had actually planned for the vacation and about exactly how we were all visiting commemorate it with each other in Osaka – instead I was just laid off with an additional secret to the flat and also a note claiming that they had actually left.”

Needless to state, 18-year-old Kei felt devastated and also alone. This, Kei told us as part of his Golden Ticket Competition submission, was when Shota Nasu, a buddy from his Japanese Senior high school, texted Kei to wish him a Pleased New Year and also asked regarding his plans for the holiday:

“Merely a few minutes after I had actually clarified what had occurred as well as just how I had actually been left alone, Shota called me to tell me that he and also his household wish to invite me to invest New Year holiday with them and also their relatives. In Japan, New Year is an actually personal, spiritual, and also unique vacation generally set aside for the family, yet I was welcomed by the entire family as well as their loved ones. They treated me with genuine kindness, supporting me up, and treating me with the most delicious food, I was totally blown away by their astonishing compassion as well as compassion in the direction of me”

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This image is from New Year’s Day, the day after Kei got left alone as well as the Nasu family members took him into celebrate New Years with them. Below Shota has actually taken Kei with him to see the Osaka Tenmangu Temple, a holy place that is thought to bring the site visitors good luck in scholastic ventures. Pictured are some temple site visitors that are hanging up their unfavorable ton of moneys which they got when going into the temple. If you get a negative ton of money rather of a favorable one, you hang it up such as this with the hope to leave the bad fortune behind.

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One of the adverse lot of moneys over is Kei’s, which he obtained when he went to the holy place. With any luck by hanging up the ton of money he would prevent it happening …

A New Host Family

Since points unfortunately did not exercise well for Kei at his 3rd host household – a household that was later disclosed of having a history of treating forex pupils inadequately – the Nasu Family made a decision that they intended to assist Kei in the tough circumstance he was left in:

“Eventually, the Nasus supplied me to remain with them for the rest of my keep in Japan, and they also offered me my own area. To now, the days which I spent with the Nasu family are the most priceless of my whole life, as well as I am eternally thankful to them.”

During Kei’s time in Osaka, Kei and Shota came to be really bosom friends. Their time was loaded with a great deal of researching, as well as they bonded especially over their shared interests in science and medication. Whenever they had pause, Shota would come with Kei to check out numerous sites in Osaka. In addition to this, they loved singing Karaoke together! We Are The Globe by Michael Jackson and also Lionel Richie is their all-time fave, and they would always carry out that song when singing karaoke – ideally the Narrative Neighborhood will be able to capture a re-run of this during Kei’s Golden Ticket trip to Japan!

What is Kei up to today

Today Kei is back in Sweden, he is part-time involved in research tasks with for example the globe top-ranked Karolinska Institutet, as well as The Swedish Museum of All-natural past history. Kei is additionally a part-time personal instructor of the Japanese language, and when he has time left over, he likewise does shows in the house. Kei lately began the process of applying to different Universities around the globe, and also his hope is to wind up at a UNITED STATE top university and research study Neuroscience there.

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Here is Kei at Work!

Kei’s Want His Golden Ticket Trip

Going back to Osaka as well as being able to once more fulfill Shota and also his family members is a dream Kei has actually had considering that he left Japan in very early 2011. At Story, we are incredibly delighted to be able to partake in Kei’s trip to reunite with his liked ones in Osaka. Kei himself is really pleased about being able to get back to thank the Nasu family:

“I want to visit my precious as well as my vital pal, Shota Nasu, and his family members – to tell them in person just how a lot exactly what they did for me suggested as well as, how grateful I am for what they did, and also preferably, settle their kindness.

Kei will leave for his Golden Ticket trip this coming fall, and also normally, he will bring his Narrative Clip 2 with him to record the reunion with his dear buddy Shota. And also prior to Kei leaves, we will make certain to tell you a couple of stories and also anecdotes from Kei’s time in Japan that he has shown us, so remain tuned!