Find hotel on Glass, newest technology

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Google Glass has actually been launched into the wild – at the very least for those dropping $1,500 – and app designers are starting to take the emerging platform a bit more seriously. Spanish OTA Destinia has produced ‘Resort Near Me,’ which allows Glass individuals to hunt for resorts, and after that ultimately book one of the 200,000 resorts on the site.

The minimal display genuine estate indicates that the surfing experience is limited to features and also pictures, and afterwards once a hotel is booked, the individual could follow directions to the hotel.

The business created the following video clip, and in spite of the reality that this lady looks a bit daft standing there talking with herself on the side of an active street in Madrid, the energy can be helpful for final bookers.

In the news, Destinia CEO Amuda Goueli is bullish on increased reality options in traveling:

Technology is revolutionizing tourism, making the traveler’s day-to-day life simpler and simpler. Business like ours should always be on the reducing side, expecting our customers’ needs. We are working to perfect the increased reality, which allows individuals to locate resorts in their immediate area. As well as in the future, this application will have a lot more features.

The application’s name highlights how geo-location is vital – i.e. just showing hotels nearby – nonetheless, the trick to success will be personalization according to past choices. This is particularly essential to prevent the info overload that comes from limitless hotel selection, and allows Destinia to boost commitment possibilities by bearing in mind certain data regarding customers.

The application was created in cooperation with Glob3Mobile, as well as is currently pending approval by Google.