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iFixIt has actually done their attempted and relied on teardown on the brand-new LG Watch Urbane, the latest Android Wear clever watch southern Oriental business. As attractive as the smart watch is on the outside, we’re do not forget to curious about the bits that you won’t typically obtain to see in your day-to-day usage.

The teardown really did not reveal anything uncommon. LG still knows how to suit square wiring right into a circular body. Setting up is spick-and-span and makes us confident the wise watch can stand the examination of time.

One thing iFixit notes is that the battery is very simple to removed and replace if you discover it’s on its work legs. This is thanks in replacement parts to a circuit board that is held in place with typical Philips-sized screws and a just a few connectors to manage. Enjoy band installation is additionally visiting verify to be rather easy, though this is deliberately and also needs to be feasible also without totally taking apart the watch.

Unfortunately the screen is where pictures get trickier, as LG has a multi-layered style that features a bargain of adhesive. While it’s possible to entirely remove the display without cracking anything, it will require you to re-adhere the display screen and glass. That could become a cluttered task for somebody who isn’t experienced, so the Watch Urbane was granted a repairability rating of 7/10 (10 is most convenient to fix). Have a look at the full teardown notes at the source link if you’re curious.