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It’s a video camera, it’s a bracelet, it’s very possibly the simply high tech wearable you would certainly ever before be delighted to see flying off your wrist right into the wonderful blue yonder– it’s Nixie, the globe’s initial wearable drone.

Developed in response to Intel’s “Make It Wearable” obstacle, Nixie has been explained by creators Christoph Kohstall, Jelena Jovanovic, as well as Michael Niedermayr as the first ‘flyable and also wearable video camera,’ while the Daily Mail has actually called Nixie a “cross in between a GoPro and a quadcopter.”

The watch-sized drone has been created to transform, like the robotics in camouflage of yesteryear– springing right into action at the flick of a wrist to capture that perfect selfie, whether you’re halfway up that sheer stone face you’ve been struggling to summit for years, or just looking to acquire the entire team with each other in one shot without spending priceless time searching for the someone present with arms long sufficient to acquire the work done.

Nixie could do a lot more than that

For the static single-shot selfie, Nixie could operate in “boomerang” mode, automatically returning to your wrist after recording the ideal image or firing a few minutes of video, however in “follow me” method, Nixie will remain air-borne as you obtain back to company, tracking your every move as well as developing a hands-free video production recording your tasks of bold do.

The Nixie prototype operates making use of Intel’s new Edison system-on-a-chip to power performance including activity sensing units that could find the customer’s area and respond to gestures-based commands prior to going back to the customer to be tweezed from the air as well as kicked back into the wrist, a sleek and also straightforward wearable once more.

Nixie wearable drone, cool gadgets

With wristband-based wearables gaining grip in the market many thanks in huge part to the the Stone, the Fitbit and the brand-new Apple Watch, it’s difficult to imagine exactly how a device that sets our newfound fascination with body-borne computers as well as the age-old desire to snap a selfie can perhaps meet anything aside from full as well as utter success. At this issue Nixie is absolutely nothing even more compared to a prototype competing with 9 various other finalists for the 500,000 dollars in reward cash that can assist bring this world-changing wearable to market.

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Other finalists competing for Intel’s focus and financial investment bucks include a wrist-worn temperature control hvac system that acts as a personal air conditioning system, a “bionic cushion” to maintain mothers and also too soon born infants linked while the babies remain in artificial incubation systems, and a low-cost robotic prosthetic hand that will certainly retail for no even more compared to 100 dollars.

The winning entrance will certainly be announced on Nov 3, and in the meanwhile, aiming very early adopters could head to for a short advertising video production and also more info concerning the creators. As of yet there’s no details on rates or availability, but you can like Nixie on Facebook, and look ahead with glee to a newsfeed swarming with airborne activity chances if and when the world’s initial wearable drone ultimately makes it to market.