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Microsoft plans to announce as well as launch its own health-tracking smartwatch ‘within the following couple of weeks,’ baseding on a Forbes report this weekend. The timing would put the company in advance of the Apple Watch, which was announced work month however won’t be launched till very early next year.

It’s the latest record claiming that Microsoft prepares to provide a cross-platform smartwatch, functioning not simply with Windows as well as Windows Phone yet additionally with iOS as well as Android. That would certainly be a pragmatic action, given Windows Phone’s small market share, yet it would also aid to adjust Microsoft besides Google, Samsung and others in the wearable market.

The device could also work with Microsoft’s Xbox One to augment the video gaming experience, according to Andru Edwards of Gear Live, which obtained a noticeable look of the Microsoft smartwatch earlier this year.

No word on rates or official name. Microsoft needs a victory on the planet of consumer gadgets, where Windows Phone and also the Area tablet have actually battled to get traction.

The Brink additionally validates the timing stated by Forbes. The company isn’t really claiming anything publicly regarding its strategies. We browsed the FCC as well as UNITED STATE trademark filings yet couldn’t discover any kind of added clues.

This would certainly be the first completely new device launch under Satya Nadella. The Microsoft Chief Executive Officer will certainly be appearing at a firm occasion for experts and also press in San Francisco on Monday, but he’s anticipated to talk about Microsoft’s cloud approach for businesses.