The Misfit Shine advises me of some women I dated before I satisfied my wife – quite yet very little personality.

Lately, I have actually been type of sour on wearable technology – you could read concerning my problems with wearable modern technology below. On paper (or screen) the Misfit Sparkle had all the appealing functions a jogger can want: very easy to use, smooth layout, and also resilient. As I’ll go on to detail, the Luster falls short for a someone that wants more from a device.

In this article I’ll examine exactly what I located about the Misfit Luster (can modern technology be quite and also dumb?) and suggest if this is really a tool right for runners (will certainly it advance your training as well as leave you really wanting much more). Most notably, did the Misfit Shine and also I discover happiness?

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Misfit Shine Out of the Box

I ordered the Sparkle from as well as for a lot less the $ONE HUNDRED I had a rather great looking physical fitness tracker – kind of like a cheap date.

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The means the Shine appeared on the display and out of the box matched. I had not been disappointed by just what was delivered. It basically prepared to go as quickly as I opened the box – absolutely no drama.

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Out of the box the Luster is really merely a silver disc (readily available in a couple of various shades). You can wear it as a locket, watch, or clip-on. So far the Sparkle gets factors for being universal. It’s not created for men or women, yet that relies on what shade you pick. Go here to see all the cool and also odd colors offered.

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Turning on the Misfit Shine was truly simple – like much less than 5 mins very easy. I have actually dealt with various other fitness tracker that typically aren’t easy to obtain working. With the Shine, you go down in the battery which’s really it. I download and install the app and synced the two together and also I was an all set to go.

Whatever your convenience level with technology, the Shine is very easy for anyone to figure out. Hell, the instructions are so clear with pictures that it’s hard to mess up. You can consistently visit the site if you acquire stuck.


Wearing the Misfit Shine

I determined to use the Sparkle as a watch. The disc has a comfy fit with the sports strap and I never ever had any kind of question that it would certainly elope. If the sports strap isn’t really your point, you could acquire various other accessories like a pendant using Amazon.

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I’ll get to the running with the Shine momentarily, however merely using around the workplace or simply out got me some strange appearances. I thought the majority of people understood exactly what the Misfit Shine was. I have actually seen it greatly promoted yet I think that depends upon exactly what you’re checking out these days.

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What possibly stimulated folks’s passion regarding the Luster was that it was this silver disc on my wrist. ‘Exactly what does it do?’ that’s the first point individuals would certainly ask. Telling them it tracked my task appeared to underwhelm them. Attractive style however all it did was track actions and sleep.

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‘But it likewise tells time,’ was my follow-up as I got defensive. Ugh, I was beginning to doubt if I bought a pietistic pedometer or not.

What the Misfit Luster Actually Does

We know that the Shine tracks task from strolling, running, cycling, swimming, and also some other tasks. With that activity comes the calories melted. I desire it did a lot more … oh hesitate it does track sleep. As well as that’s it.

I checked out a testimonial concerning the Sparkle that explained it as a dumb device. Not like dumb as a bad suggestion, however dumb as in there’s not a lot of deepness. I now concur. You’re really paying for the looks not the feature. No comment as to how it associates to my dating life prior to I obtained married.

There is one issue of opinion with the style which’s the activity display. There’s no electronic read out.

In order to see points like progress on actions or really tell time you have to tap it. Touch it when for development two times for the time. At first this appeared rather cool till I was in meeting touching the hell from this point to see exactly what time it was. I knew some females that probably could’ve gained from this Shine function to view if there was anything going on inside.

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This was frustrating and not the experience I desired from a health and fitness tracker. At this issue, the Misfit Sparkle was very useful as well as straightforward yet very little else. Just how well does it help running? Allow’s take a look.

Misfit Shine On the Road

If you like your technology minimal when you run, the Misfit Shine corrects for you. Remember the touching I discussed over? That’s just how you can see your progress but not significantly else. Even then the progression you’re getting connects to your step goal.

The Shine is terrific if you’re not thinking about connecting with it while running. If you’re truly right into steps and weight reduction, I believe the Shine is excellent investment at the cost point.

If your training objectives call for some durable monitoring, there are other tools on the marketplace that will certainly address this need. The Shine isn’t really aimed for joggers (relying on your objectives).

I selected up the Misfit Luster in the hopes that it would certainly be a gadget that I could wear all the time. It is that device however it actually doesn’t assist running like I would certainly’ve wished. I’m better off merely using my Strava application for tracking my runs and still do.

Misfit Shine App

Any activity taped via the Shine could be viewed on the app. Just like the tool, the application is basic and easy to utilize. You could view your task for the day or go back.

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There’s an option to discover buddies and produce a feed to view their task. I don’t have any good friends … that have the Misfit Shine.

The rest tracking does not give an entire great deal of details. You’ll only get your overall rest and of that deep sleep. Exactly how much deeper you require to take place sleeping monitoring might require another tool, but also for the Shine this is fine.

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Final Thoughts

The makers of the Misfit Sparkle saw a should bring style to the wearable tech market, however failed to remember to consist of element. It is a dumb tool. If you’re OKAY with its restrictions, then you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the important things, if wearable technology to you is expected to be passive as well as behind-the-scenes, I advise the Misfit Luster. If you’re a runner, swimmer, or cyclist, after that invest your money somewhere else since this device fails. You’re only spending for looks.

As for me, the Misfit Luster as well as I separated. I hardly ever return anything I do not like from however I was very irritated with it’s operational attributes (or do not have there of). From the outdoors, the Shine was special, smooth, and long lasting however I wanted more. I justified that it was me not the Misfit Shine.

I’m sure there’s a person out there that will be a good fit. These folks look happy.


If this evaluation has actually discouraged you from the Misfit Luster, have a look at’s Wearable Technology establishment. Perhaps you find the tool of your desires there.