Motorola’s 2015 Moto 360 must look as good as any sort of Android Use watch. We’ve seen refined tips of how it’ll look as soon as it makes its method out of Motorola’s style labs, however we’ve ultimately obtained our first consider an actual watch in the wild today.

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This woman was seen putting on a gold-shaded design with some glossy red wrist bands (potentially the very same natural leather one featured in this dripped video clip). That’s about all we can see and find out, as the individual who snapped this photo didn’t rather have enough inner-ninja to get hold of much else.

The photo doesn’t respond to many of our burning inquiries – such as whether a heart rate sensor is returning, as well as whether there’s a horrible level tire resting under its display screen – however it’s wonderful to get an appearance at its outside ahead of launch. You’ll observe the gadget appears a little bulkier than the original Moto 360, however a lot of that most likely comes from the lugs prolonging from the primary body of the watch.

For those into the more industrial leakages, this specific Reddit individual provided us a take a look at the gadget’s steel chassis.

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This is just what it looks like before all the modern technology little bits are stuffed inside as well as coated with a wonderful surface. That doesn’t inform us a lot a lot more regarding the device than we already understood, however fascinating nonetheless.

If the Moto 360 looks a tad huge to you in these tries, keep in mind that it’s possible Motorola is coming with 2 different dimension options, and there may still be a preferable solution on the horizon for somebody who favors a much more low profile. What are your early thoughts on this thing?

UPDATE: Locate a couple of better from an image ninja on Google+ and also yep, appears like the flat tire is making a return for the Moto 360 2015.

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