The most appealing photos show the Moto 360’s charging dock. It’s a bit similar to the Nexus 4’s wireless battery charger because it has a slightly round form and also places the watch vertically at an inclined angle. We can not tell if the 360 will be held by magnets or by merely sliding with that tiny opening at the end of the dock. Exactly what we can view nonetheless is that the Moto 360’s asking for interface is strikingly beautiful however the lesser dimple on the display reduces the circle in an odd way.

moto 360 charging pod, coolest gadgets

We could see additionally a side-by-side contrast with the LG G Watch, confirming that the Moto 360 is unexpectedly shorter than its brethren (the Gear Live has to do with 1cm taller compared to the G Watch, you could envision just how that side-by-side contrast will certainly appear like). Dimension is one element of the Moto 360 I have been dreading so I’m happily shocked by this picture. The only disadvantage is that the 360 seems thicker compared to the G Watch.