Nand Logic Smart Helmet Offers Augmented Intelligence to Riders, coolest gadgets

Smart Headgear, the brand-new bike safety helmet, will certainly give the users with a brand-new using experience. The model of this Smart Headgear was revealed at the CES 2015 as well as has actually been developed by Nand Reasoning, a business based in The u.s.a. The helmet will improve the “situational awareness” of the motorcyclists. The company believes that a Smart Headgear ought to provide the user with Augmented Intelligence. Based on their belief, they have actually created this Smart Helmet.

Providing Augmented Knowledge

Nand Reasoning believes that the Smart Headgear ought to allow customers perform top-level cognitive activities like snowboarding, biking or skateboarding, as well as at the very same time it must execute functions of reduced level which sustains these high-ranking jobs. The low level features include taking care of communication abilities, signaling, refining environmental data and also sound reduction.

Apart from that, the smart equipment must boost the “Situational Awareness” by giving pertinent information in a simple as well as clear way. This is just what you could get out of Nand Logic’s Smart Helmet.

All the features are accomplished by keeping an eye on the external and also inner environment of the safety helmet and also by making the individuals in addition to other vehicle drivers familiar with info which is relevant for them, from time-to-time.

Specifications of the Smart Helmet

The Smart Helmet provides intelligent lights, cordless interaction with Bluetooth, image handling and also more. LEDs have been made use of for turn indicator, headlights and brake lights. The Smart Helmet has software program which regulates emergency stopping, danger lights, accelerometer, automobile dimming function as well as light sensing unit. Individuals can save their information on SD card as well as capture images as well as videos making use of the back as well as front camera integrated in the head gear. It also has an object recognition attribute with which objects can be tracked as well as the rider will acquire alerting for blindspots and collision.

The Smart Headgear can be attached wirelessly to your mobile phones as well as you can approve as well as make phone telephone calls merely with your headgear. Interaction in a group is also feasible and also there are voice commands to adjust the telephone call quantity. You will certainly additionally be able to set up as well as manage the cellphone application with this smart device. With an energetic ventilation system and also an ingrained follower, wearers will get all the ventilation they need while using. The useful mask offers defense and also could be eliminated, if the driver doesn’t wish to use it. Any type of car horns and sirens could be identified as well as the wearer could be informed regarding the cars or motor vehicles nearby. Sensors like gyroscope, accelerometer, temperature and humidity sensor as well as ambient light sensor finishes the device.

It is most certainly among the finest smart devices with numerous functions installed in it. However, its complete capability can only be realized when the Smart Safety helmet releases commercially in the market as well as it can be discovered whether it is better compared to the Skully Helmet.

What do you think?

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