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When I met Davyeon Ross at SXSW this year to acquire the skinny on his ShotTracker wearable, he told me to maintain my eyes open for an announcement describing a collaboration with a specific NBA superstar. Today, Ross and his team officially announced that ShotTracker will certainly be partnering with Klay Thompson, shooting guard for the Golden State Warriors.

Before we get involved in it however, I need you all to understand just exactly how proficient at basketball Thompson is. This season he racked up 37 points in a solitary quarter as well as 9 3 issue tries in one quarter: that’s incredible, and also, by all accounts, an NBA record.

Off the court though, Thompson will certainly be collaborating with ShotTracker to release the world’s initial Digital Basketball Camp with exercises as well as drills designed by the professional athlete himself. He’s been using the ShotTracker wearable to remain on top of his game, and the tech will allow ballers anywhere to replicate his personal training drills that have actually cemented him as a legend.

“Klay Thompson is an incredible duty model for youthful professional athletes and truly represents just what ShotTracker is all concerning on and off the court,” claims Ross. “The Digital Basketball Camp offers basketball gamers everywhere the chance to educate with among the best NBA gamers of this generation.”

The Virtual Basketball Camp brings a live, elite camp encounter to gamers with day-to-day exercises that are sent out straight to participants using the ShotTracker Player App. There, gamers can track their stats alongside Thompson’s stats, as well as appreciate the live leaderboard. Using the ShotTracker Train Application throughout the camp, Thompson will after that have the ability to see participant statistics on his end as well as encourage and challenge players using social media.

Additionally, this unique collaboration consists of a multi-year recommendation take care of Thompson. He’ll deal with Ross et cetera of the group to team up on all future product property development for ShotTracker and provide input from his hands on experience enhancing the game.

“The off-season is when players could truly concentrate on their weak points as well as make significant renovations,” states Thompson. “The job placed in throughout the off-season has a direct influence on success throughout the normal period. To obtain where you wish to be, you need to train with video game time intensity all year long. ShotTracker helps gamers do this as well as holds them responsible.”

ShotTracker and Thompson will start their camp on June 21 as well as run it until June 28. Engagement for any person is free, but you will need a ShotTracker rig, an iOS or Android gadget, and a basketball hoop.

My fellow ballers, don’t pass up on this chance. Go out there and begin setting your very own records!