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With merely 2 weeks to precede the begin of one more NFL season, I couldn’t be less excited!

I’m a large sporting activities fan, but when it involves “football,” my roots make me faithful to the soccer ball, not the pigskin. As well as I have a hard time to sit via a 60-minute video game that takes three hrs to complete, while Corporate America shoehorns in as several ridiculous commercials as possible.

My thoughts aside, however, there is some excellent job being done to improve among the NFL’s largest issues– the variety of concussions and also post-traumatic human brain injuries that influence players both during their careers as well as long after they’ve retired.

The video game is littered with instances of players that experience such troubles later in life, including quarterback greats like Brett Favre and also Troy Aikman. And also earlier this year, 24-year-old San Francisco 49ers linebacker, Chris Borland, gave up just one year right into a four-year agreement, citing long-lasting problems over the health risks from head injuries.

Fortunately, we live in an age where modern technology is boosting and assisting deal with the problem …

Lies, Damn Lies … As well as Statistics

Depending on which you think, the concussion climate in the NFL is either improving or still remains a huge issue.

Plug “NFL concussion data” right into Google, for example, and displayed prominently at the top of the page, you’ll find a story mentioning that NFL concussions fell by 25 % last period as well as by 36 % over a three-year period. That’s baseding on the NFL, however, which hardly has an excellent document of recognizing the seriousness of the problem, or dealing with it.

According to FanSided, though, “one-third of all concussions typically aren’t consisted of in the league’s main injury report.” And The New York Times states human brain trauma impacts one in 3 NFL players, with professional football players 8 times more probable to create dementia or Alzheimer’s disease compared to the more comprehensive population.

But despite which, or just what, you think, there’s no doubt that the scenario still requires improvement.

Which is where the UNITED STATE Military comes in …

Blunt Force… But No Trauma?

It’s called the Rate Actuated Strap– or RAT Band, for short.

While it appears like a basic tiny paintbrush, it can really confirm important in protecting against the number of major head injuries to NFL players.

The technology originates from the united state Military Lab. Dr. Eric Wetzel runs the group that developed it, as well as details that despite its simple look, its “elastic product has this quite unique apartment that if you draw slowly on it, it’s simple to stretch and relaxes again, however if I snag it swiftly, it stands up to with considerably more pressure. Actually, it takes around 100 times even more force to draw it rapidly than to pull it slowly.”

The trick is in special thickening liquid inside the strap– a “fluid that has a weird residential property that if you move it slowly, it has a low viscosity, but if you try to stream it promptly, it transforms into a solid-like material that withstands flow. It’s very similar to focused corn starch in water, which youngsters in some cases make in science class.”

Behind the scientific research, the band’s ultimate objective is to reduce the force with which a gamer’s head pounds right into the ground when he gets crunched in a heavy tackle.

Wetzel continues, “We visualized integrating these bands with the head system, to ensure that prior to the head strikes the ground, the straps will slow down that head movement. It’s type of like a shock absorber, so the head will strike the ground with less speed and also much less pressure. That must be much less require on the brain and also be much less likely to trigger a mind injury.”

Take a check out the RAT Band in action, as the head with the band remains more steady after a hit than the one without it …