A brand-new Google license reveals that AR modern technology is being established, which might give users with a map of their environment.

Late recently, a Google patent was published by the U.S. License as well as Hallmark Office, which described a kind of increased truth modern technology that would enable users wearing an optical head-mounted display, like Google Glass, to check out details concerning objects in their atmosphere within their view, reported the International Business Times.

The brand-new technology would enable the detection and also recognition of target devices.

According to the license application, the internet and computer system software application titan’s license is called “Self-Describing Three-Dimensional (3D) Things Recognition and Control Descriptors for Increased Truth Interfaces”. The abstract of the main license application specifies that the innovation would “offer the detection as well as recognition of target gadgets, by a mobile computing device, within a pre-defined regional atmosphere.”

geeky gadgetsIn essence, what this means, according to the license, is that the technology would give individuals with specifics regarding the products that already existing within their atmosphere. This might include finding out the size and elevation of certain items, such as tables or chairs, via enhanced truth, as well as provide users a map of the room in which they are present.

This new license could be great news for the future of Google Glass.

If this technology in fact functioned, in concept, it would be like having robotic vision, something like the point of sight that is commonly made use of in movies to reveal exactly what a robotic views as it assesses its setting. More particularly, if a Google Glass tool was outfitted with this technology, it would have the prospective to provide users with all the details they really want to understand about a specific object in a space, merely by checking out it.

That being said, as amazing as this modern technology appears, it is unlikely that it will provide “Terminator”, “Robocop” or “Iron Man” vision to Google Glass users in the future. Right now, it’s still far prematurely to inform exactly what will become created. Google’s newest license application only supplies a glimpse of what the firm is believing. It does not even ensure that the product will certainly ever before get to commercialization.