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Itching to get your practical Google Glass? Well, it will certainly be a little while longer till it’s ready for its consumer debut, yet that doesn’t mean you need to do away with all hi-tech spectacles while you wait.

Inventio has a set of super-secret spy glasses that can give you all the HD video as well as audio recording your face can take care of. Although slightly chunky, they still look like day-to-day sunglasses, which excels news if you were afraid concerning looking like a cyborg. The frameworks have a hidden electronic camera integrated at the bridge of the nostrils, to capture 720p (1280×720) HD video production from the user’s point of sight, in addition to a rechargeable battery (for 2 to 3 hrs of power) and 8GB storage space that can hold around 2 hrs of video clip capture.

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Quality seems respectable, though the consistent changes to white balance as well as shade, et al., are noticeable in the recorded video footage, here taken by ChipChick. Still, taking into consideration just how tiny the embedded cam and also its lens are, it’s rather impressive.

It does have video stablizing, yet there are still some edgy ‘shakes’ could possibly leave some viewers a little queasy. As for the audio, it’s 16-bit caught using a solitary microphone. Placing twin mics in there would’ve been much better, however likely would’ve raised the price.

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It might not be ideal, but provided just what it does, it’s economical at $129.95. That includes the item, a charging/sync cable, AV cable televisions (for TV result), as well as two bring instances (one soft and also one difficult). We can view lifebloggers, sporting activities junkies and others locating this valuable– particularly considering that it’s less costly and more discrete than head- or helmet-mounting square GoPro cameras. And also unlike Google Glass, they’re available now.