Nyne Aqua, wearables

There are a whole lot of Bluetooth speakers on the marketplace. Nevertheless, few offer the waterproof quality of the Nyne Water. The Nyne Aqua is 100 % waterproof in addition to can hold up against complete submersion for approximately Thirty Minutes at a time. This is a wonderful addition to anybody looking for a speak they can maintain outside, by the swimming pool, at the coastline, or in the shower.

Product Description

Nyne Aqua is a fully useful, waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Not simply could the Nyne Aqua stand up to water yet as mentioned above can be fully immersed for up to fifty percent as well as hour without an issue. This in extra to a 10 several hours electric battery life per charge implies that both in and out of the water this speaker will maintain the songs pumping as long as you want. Furthermore the Nyne Water includes a built in microphone so you can relax on the beach while eavesdroping on a teleconference like they receive the commercials all the time. Currently the Nyne Water will run you between $100 to $130 to acquire one of your very own which provided that it’s both a Bluetooth speaker and also 100 % water resistant within restrictions makes it a steal at this price.

Is it any good?

While several Nyne Aqua doesn’t come with a bunch of audio attributes that other speakers Bluetooth speakers could have it does have a few preset equalizer setups. You won’t be destroying home windows or disturbing the next-door neighbors with this device but for anybody looking for a mobile Bluetooth speaker that’s just as good inside as out then the Nyne Aqua is perfect. So the following time you are planning a pool party or a day at the beach the Nyne Aqua will gladly maintain the songs pumping rainfall or sparkle, damp or completely dry for you.


There are lots of Bluetooth speakers on the marketplace currently but while you will not acquire the ear splitting volume or earthquake inducing bass of various other speakers the Nyne Aqua supplies you a protected, very easy to lug, waterproof alternative. This for between $100 to $130 makes it a best addition to any outdoor occasion. In addition this speaker makes a terrific addition for anybody looking for an inexpensive and very easy means to pay attention to music while in the shower. You can start vocalizing your preferred songs to your hearts content with the waterproof Nyne Water at your side.