Having been revealed after the Apple Watch, there was a distinct danger that the Stone Time would show up as an anti-climax. It seems no one told the 78,471 patient who backed Pebble’s initial colour smartwatch, making it the biggest crowdfunded job in Kickstarter’s history.

In several ways the polar reverse of Apple’s deluxe watch, the Pebble Time has lots of one-of-a-kind functions that make it stand apart from the mushrooming smartwatch group, not the very least its colour E-Paper display screen, its “week-long” battery life as well as its readiness to pair with both iOS and also Android mobile phones. Now it’s finally below, it’s clear all those patient that paid beforehand for a Stone Time haven’t squandered their money.

Build quality and design

As with the grayscale Stone enjoys that preceded it, the Stone Time household has two rates of top quality: the plastic Pebble Time that we’re examining right here, and also the metal-clad Pebble Time Steel which will be released later on this year.

Compared to the Apple Watch and several of the smarter Android devices, the Pebble Time does look a little humdrum. There will not be shifty-looking teens stood outside Tube stations hesitating to reward one off commuters’ wrists, and also in the four days we have actually been using our review device, no one’s paid it the least little bit of attention.

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That claimed, it does have a downplayed beauty. The silver bezel works specifically well with the silicone black watch strap, although various other, brighter colours are readily available. The Pebble watch straps have easy-release holds, which suggests you can effortlessly swap types, although the watch will approve any common 22mm strap. Stone’s likewise planning to launch so-called Smartstraps, which will certainly include added functions such as GPS radios, added batteries and also NFC chips for cashless payments, although none were readily available for testing.

As with previous Pebbles, the watch is water immune, however if you really want the watch to survive a swim, do not be tricked by the little pinhole on the watch’s right-hand flank: that’s not a reset button, but a microphone. Puncture that with a pin and your waterproofing is shot.


The standout new function of the Pebble Time is that colour E-Paper screen. We’re not speaking about anything as remotely intense or comprehensive as the battery-sapping LCD displays found on other smartwatches. The 1.25 in screen has a resolution of simply 144×168, making specific pixels clearly visible. It sustains just 64 colours, too, which is a flashback to the days of the 8-bit computer systems such as the Commodore 64 in regards to colour depth. Photo-realistic it ain’t, although it’s an unique enhancement on the monochrome Pebble screens of the past.

Visibility is the precise opposite of what you would certainly required from a traditional LCD smartwatch. It excels in brilliant sunshine, with the Stone at its most understandable in the toughest of rays. In a dimly lit space, nonetheless, it’s a battle to view the display. It’s not a big problem, as the backlight kicks in whenever the watch shakes to notify you of something, and if you simply wish to check the time, you could press the left-hand back switch or tremble your wrist to change on the backlight by hand. (Watch out for that wrist-shaking motion in public, lads, it can draw in strange lookouts.) And also allow’s not fail to remember that many other smartwatches merely switch off the screen to save electric battery life, whilst the Pebble Time presents the time (and also whatever details is shown on your decided on watchface) completely, which is a damned view much more hassle-free in everyday use. Particularly, if you’re trying to sneakily behold the moment in a tedious meeting.

Battery life

The Pebble Time screen may look dank and also low-res as compared to the Apple and Android matchings, however it does make an enormous distinction to electric battery life. Whereas 99 % of smartwatches need to be placed on charge every night, the Pebble maintains its credibility for longevity regardless of the colour upgrade.

Pebble claims an electric battery life of “up to 7 days”. We would claim that’s a shade confident, with the electric battery diminishing to 40 % after 3 days of moderate-to-heavy use. It’s still much better than you can expect from any of its rivals. It implies you could go away for a weekend break, and also not even have to consider dropping the wall charger into the bag. All you get is the magnetic fee cable television, incidentally: you’ll either need to repurpose an old smartphone charger or locate a spare USB port on a COMPUTER to recharge the watch.

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We really did not see any type of significant hit in regards to battery life on our examination smartphone, an HTC One M7. And also, even if the open Bluetooth link does put a tiny drain on the battery, that’s easily recouped by the reality that you don’t switch over the mobile phone display on anywhere near as often to examine text, reviewed e-mails or check tweets: that’s all done from the Pebble while the phone stays in your pocket.

Controls and interface

In terms of commands, it’s as you were. Stone’s battery-saving ethos has no area for touchscreens, so the moment is reliant on antique, chubby switches. The Pebble user interface is simple and easy to browse using the Backwards and forwards buttons on the right flank as well as the Select switch that’s sandwiched in between them, the Back switch on the left-hand edge rounds off the controls. The buttons on our review version were just the ideal side of stubborn, needing a firm press to trigger yet leaving little threat of being prodded accidentally.

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Pebble has actually introduced a new timetable attribute. Press Down from the home screen to obtain a breakdown of forthcoming occasions from your diary, intermixed with weather projections, press As much as review previous occasions as well as substantial notifications, such as missed calls. It’s a practical means to get a look of the day ahead when you initially strap on the watch of a morning.