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Running applications and also games on cross-platform devices has actually turneded into one of the coolest white hat hacks these days. Especially running heating and cooling units that software tinkering experts merely love to work on cross-platform tools. Examples from the past include an iPhone 6 Plus running Windows 98 and also Apple Watch hacked to run Mac OS. For a modification, this moment we show you a hack that permits you to play Valve’s Half-Life on Android Put on smartwatch, particularly LG G Watch.

Yes, a tiny screen running a graphics-intensive FPS game like Half-Life. The male behind this great hack is Dave Bennett which handled this with the aid of SDLash3D app which replicates the GoldSource engine. Nevertheless, Dave confesses that the video game working on smartwatch is not as graphics abundant and the frames-per-second price is likewise rather reduced. That is rather appropriate as a smartwatch is not suited with hardware for extensive gaming.

Playing the FPS game on 1.65-inch display of a smartwatch in itself is rather a tiresome task and also often the display goes back to previous home window when swept to the left side.

Bennett describes that you need to activate USB as well as wireless debugging on the LG G Watch to manage this hack, and also of training course a lawful copy of the Half Life game.

Anyways, running Fifty percent Life shooter on smartwatch is fairly fantastic as well as for now it is just a proof of principle. Even if it was a genuine app, playing first-person-shooting video game on smartwatch is not a great idea.