Google Glass, wearables

Google is discontinuing Google Glass in its present form, and the future of the tech entirely isn’t really looking brilliant, with it looking strangling on its dying breaths.

The Traveler program, which viewed Google offering the Glass to designers for $1500, has now been given a stop by the technology giant, though the company still firmly insists that ‘study’ is being embeded future models of the wearable device. Given that no info has actually been launched in regards to when we’ll receive additional information pertaining to Google Glass 2.0 has actually been released, I’m going to go out on an arm or leg and also forecast that the Glass is done. It’s over. Nobody wants it, the target audience is also little and also Google ought to merely mark it down as a failed experiment.

According to Google, former Apple designer Tony Fadell will now be working along with the Glass’ current manager Ivy Ross, though given the adverse response to the very first manifestation of Glass it is likely that need to we ever before view the tech make its way to one more gadget, it’ll possibly be rebranded completely.

Technology in the 21st century is concerning fitting in, not standing out.

The key concern with Glass was that it was trying to burglarize a market no person was truly requesting, which the tool had been buffooned so extensively throughout its reveal that it was never ever going to take care of to break the mainstream market. This, coupled with its high price factor, would certainly have made it a dangerous purchase for consumers if it would certainly have made it to a retail release.

To put it candidly, modern technology in the 21st century is concerning suitable in, not attracting attention. Google Glass made its users stand out like a painful thumb, as well as the only means it was ever before going to remove was if by some miracle it took care of to catch on despite the bad publicity, the newspaper article regarding it being banned from restaurants/theaters and the public opinion that anybody putting on the Glass was a bit of a twat.

We might see the Glass make a return in the future in some capacity, but it’s safe to say that its first incarnation was an unequivocal failure. Now Google will certainly return to the attracting board in order to view if there’s any type of means we’ll ever before assume that using $1500 well worth of innovation on our face is a smart idea that won’t cause us being viciously attacked as well as robbed.