Rollkers electric rolling skates, geek gadgets

Coming up with his own vision of an individual movement automobile, creator Paul Chavand has strategies to disclose Rollkers at CES 2015 in Las Vegas. His green option to a much safer and also satisfying commute is this transportation accessory that boosts the typical walking rate of a person by 7 miles each several hours. Rollkers SAS, the French firm based in Dijon under which this innovative brand-new mobility automobile is launched, wants to change the future of commuting.

Rollkers electric rolling skates, wearables

You i simply have to strap these onto your feet and also then walk around the area anywhere you intend to. The roller skating like contraption is in model stage currently and will certainly have a completely useful design prepared by the time of CES 2015.

Rollkers electric rolling skates, new tech gadgets

There is no word yet on just how these rolling steppers function, however from what I could see it has an electric battery and flexible framework that enables the wheels to relocate individually for any kind of sort of terrain.

The concept looks fairly interesting and we want to bring you an upgrade of Rollkers from CES 2015 from January 6-9 2015.

Rollkers electric rolling skates, cool gadgets