new tech gadgetsCome IFA 2015, we anticipate Samsung will formally specific their future smartwatch, the Samsung Gear S2. Now exactly what we understand right now is that there goes to the very least one smartwatch which is the Gear S2, but it appears that Samsung could have at the very least another smartwatch and also this time it is in the type of the Gear S2 Classic.

This is thanks to a recent trademark filed in South Korea (via SamMobile) where the name was identified. Like we stated so far Samsung has pretty much just teased the Gear S2 so we’re not certain just what precisely the Equipment S2 Standard will certainly involve. Could it be that this is a South Korean-only variant which is why it was trademarked in South Korea?

Could it be that Samsung only selected to concentrate on one smartwatch in its teasers as well as actually we could be dealt with to more than one wearable? We intend those are some of the opportunities, but what precisely makes the Gear S2 a “traditional” is a mystery for you. All the same what we understand about the Equipment S2 so much is that it will feature a revolving bezel.

This bezel will function similar to the Apple Watch’s digital crown and it likewise shows up that the watch will certainly operate on Tizen instead of Android Use. Regardless examine back with us next week which IFA 2015 begins for the details.