One of the early specifics Samsung held back on regarding the Samsung Equipment S2 household is compatibility: which Android phones would they deal with? Just yesteryear they might have held their rewards exclusively for owners of their latest crown jewel smartphones, yet that’s changing.

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Samsung has announced that the Gear S2, Equipment S2 Classic as well as Gear S2 3G will certainly work with nearly any kind of Android phone, also if the phone does not wear their logo design. We claim almost because there are a few restrictions:

  • The phone must be running Android 4.4 or greater, which shouldn’t be excessive of a concern for many tools on the marketplace right now.
  • The phone need to have at the very least 1.5 GB of RAM, which might verify to be a little bit more problematic.

It’s hard to think any phone would certainly include much less compared to 2GB of RAM in this day as well as age, yet they do. The expanding compilation of Android One phones, for instance, mostly have merely 512GB of RAM. As well as some passable mid-range alternatives only get to the 1GB mark.

So what offers? We asked Samsung why this limitation remained in area, and the answer is simple: having a RAM demand is the only means to ensure they could provide Equipment S2 owners a smooth as well as correct customer experience. We’re not exactly sure about the technological facet as to why a great individual encounter can not be had with anything less compared to 1.5 GB of RAM, however there it is anyway.

In fact, Samsung is so severe about this RAM requirement that the watch will certainly flat out refuse to connect to a phone that does not have enough. If that’s a problem for you, well, there are lots of other fine clever watches – Android Wear or otherwise – to pair your device up with, so make certain to explore them in full.