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Smart watches are awesome, however we ‘d be the first ones to confess that the layout facet of these things isn’t really rather there yet. While Huawei, LG and Motorola have introduced some respectable looking options, Samsung might turn the video game upside-down if they attempted their hand at a Side display.

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This principle demonstrates how such a clever watch could look. You could see the glass as well as screen draping over each side of the watch face to supply an all-natural contour we cannot seem to take our eyes off of.

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Sandwiched in between claimed screen and also the rear is a metal frame with style language not unlike the Samsung Galaxy S6. Include call pins for billing and also a heartrate screen, and you have on your own a recipe for a very great looking wise watch.

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The watch band paired with the point in this principle doesn’t precisely provide us the very same tingly sensation inside, but exchangeable bands could possibly make that a non-issue.

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One needs to ask yourself if something similar to this is even completely possible. Samsung has actually only just obtained bent screens right into cell phones with the Samsung Galaxy Keep in mind Edge as well as Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. To do it on a display as small as the one needed for a smart watch is a completely various tale. In the meantime, we’re merely hesitating for Samsung to ideal the round form factor we recognize they’re working on. Allow us recognize exactly what you think.

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