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Enoardo Iannuzzi’s set of modular shoes attained its crowdfunding target successfully as well as is about to begin delivering the product to backers soon. The Iannuzzi’s set of footwears misbehaves news for conventional shoe manufacturers because its really intent is to eliminate requirement of getting new footwears. Shooz, asserted as globe’s first hi-tech modular traveling footwears, is made from 2 parts, the single as well as the skin. The idea is to permit users zip various skins over the sole. These skins would come in various styles as well as colors.

According to the maker, Shooz is patented footwear that targets travelers who wish to avert carrying several pair of shoes, but also will need to remain in design. The 2 parts of the Shooz are removable as well as compatible. The customers purchase single and afterwards acquisitions different skins and develop combinations to fit to their demand. Shooz benefit cycling, running, working and abundant of other occasions.

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The maker also recommends that Shooz promote sustainability by reducing carbon foot-prints. You see, making will certainly boil down when people will not have to buy set of shoes frequently, causing reduction in energy need and exhausts produced in the production procedure. Well, if Shooz could do it, it’ll be really a little support to human kind.
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Shooz are cork insulated as well as are water-proof. A single and also skin could be conveniently and also swiftly zipped with each other. If you order now, you’ll get two skins and two soles for $75 each. You acquire a sole first and afterwards purchase various skins for it. You can learn more regarding it on Indiegogo.