reasons to buy the moto 360, newest technology

Spending money on a brand name brand-new piece of modern technology from a classification you haven’t utilized prior to may be rather a hard decision. Nevertheless, if you are a certain sort of Android user, a smartwatch like the Moto 360 or the LG G Watch would certainly be the excellent holiday present to treat on your own with.

My hands-on experience with the Moto 360 has totally changed my sight on wearable modern technology, particularly smartwatches. And also I really hope that my understandings will certainly assist you to determine whether it deserves for you to acquire a smartwatch or otherwise.

Reasons to buy the Moto 360 or any kind of various other Android smartwatch

1. You possess an Android smartphone

Owning an Android-based smartphone is virtually the first pre-requisite to getting an Android smartwatch like the Moto 360. If you do not have an Android device already, do not bother getting a smartwatch, unless you wish to have a pricey LED-backlit display on your wrist that doesn’t do considerably even more compared to tell you the moment. A Moto 360 or LG G See by itself is almost worthless, unless you coupled with with your Android mobile phone by means of Bluetooth. Sorry Apple individuals, Android smartwatches won’t function with your tools.

2. You get loads of notifications

I obtain hundreds of alerts on my Android phone each and every day: emails, notifications, social alarms, information, and so on. Several of those notices I merely can not manage to miss out on, others could be considered at a later point in time and also some I do not also recognize why I obtain them (taking a look at you, Facebook). A typical customer navigates 100 smartphone notifications every day, and if you really feel that you get an above-average amount of notices, I would certainly recommend you to seriously take into consideration acquiring a smartwatch.

Ever apprehended on your own inspecting your phone since you felt a mild resonance … yet there’s absolutely nothing? Yeah, that’s something most smartphone individuals experience from time to time: Ghost Alerts. With a smartwatch like the Moto 360 the need to check your phone for notifications will end up being redundant. The alert resonance is really unique as well as can not be misinterpreted for anything else, truly.

3. You are an early adopter

Wearable technology is much away from being best, both from the difficult- as well as software perspective. If you care a lot more regarding new and also exciting modern technology compared to you care about lags, insects, dropped frameworks or various other small little aggravations, you ought to believe twice prior to stating no to a smartwatch.

4. You have the funds

A great Android smartwatch like the Moto 360 costs as much as a low-end Android smartphone. The Moto 360 has a $300 rate tag … and also the LG G See R even sets you back $330.

5. You are deep in the Google Apps ecosystem

Android Put on gets amazingly beneficial if you are utilizing Google apps daily. For me it is Gmail, Google Schedule, Maintain, Hangouts, Google Now and also several others. If you are like me and you are utilizing numerous of those applications daily, you should acquire far more out of your new smartwatch than various other people.


All in all, you have to be a devoted Android fan, Google lover as well as consider yourself a very early to justify the $300+ cost for a brand-new Android smartwatch. The new modern technology still lacks just what many of us got utilized to a very long time ago: fluid computer animations, good electric battery life as well as an enormous amount of attributes. Android Wear, together with the present front runner smartwatches like the Moto 360 as well as the LG G Enjoy R, are still in the quite early stages.

If you are really enthusiastic and excited concerning new modern technology and also you have the cash to extra – go on as well as purchase one today. If not, await the future generation of Android smartwatches to be released. The hardware will certainly improve as well as the software application will come closer to matching the individuals’ expectations.

If you have other inquiries I could be able to address you regarding my encounter with the Moto 360 and Android Wear, merely ask in the remarks area below.