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Smartwatches are a great way to interact with your applications like texting, navigating through music menus and even playing online games like Angry Birds. They come with one disadvantage which can be associated to their tiny size. This disadvantage being the problem to navigate on tv size. Mobile devices have the flexibility to go huge or small, however a smartwatch could not be bigger than an acceptable dimension as it won’t look appealing. Maintaining this dilemma in mind, the group of scientists at the Future Interfaces Group have actually come up with an extremely appealing remedy. Using your arm and also hand skin surface as an input channel to make it easy for you to interact that applications on your smartwatch.

The current prototype smartwatch that they have created is called “SkinTrack”, as well as the group over at Future Interfaces Group effectively demonstrated just what they wanted from it. This wearable pairs up with an advanced ring-like device which calculates the range between electrodes on the watchband as well as the ring itself. This provides accurate positioning of finger on the skin surface area at any instance of time, and for that reason could be used for any kind of variety of applications that need touch input from your smartwatch.

In this case, the model watchband could be used on the wrist, and afterwards individual can interact that application like music player or a game for circumstances. Swipe up or down on your arm/hand to navigate with the song list as well as left or best swipe to leave or enter song play mode. Likewise, one could play a video game like Angry Birds, drawing the bird that a left swipe on the arm and after that releasing it. Various other things like entering a command “M” to open the songs gamer or simply positioning the app symbols basically on the area could also be done.

According to the developers;

Keeping the ring powered up is an obstacle. Signals likewise have a tendency to change as the tool is put on for long periods, many thanks to aspects such as sweat as well as hydration and also the reality the body is in continuous activity.

This development accurately guarantees a whole lot for wearables like smartwatches and also with time it is bound to improve in performance. For now Future Interfaces Group wants to take points onward with this intuitive wearable tool.