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Here it is, the one tennis shoe to rule them all. The Change Tennis shoe is a brand-new idea that electronically transforms to give you a million different looks all in one tennis shoe. A smartphone application lets you transform the color of the shoes to match your attire, design or character with the aid of some quite advanced textiles. The elusive sneaker and also application will allow you to transform your shoes right into radiant reflectors when you use your bike, glow with alerts to inform you if you’re running quick enough or allow you get all matchy-matchy with your bestie.


The Change Tennis shoe is a task by UK-based Rehabstudio as one of their Hackweek Projects to make sure that shoe hoarders around the globe can handle their compilation. Rather of requiring a footwear in every color of the rainbow to match all your clothing, with the Change Tennis shoe, you just need one. Innovative textiles and also wearable modern technology enables the wearer to customize the look utilizing shades as well as patterns to match their clothes or their state of minds.

The tennis shoe will certainly enable countless combos and be made of both conductive as well as reactive fabrics, including phase modification fibers, form memory products, meta materials to bend light or react to the setting, conductive strings and LEDs. The Bluetooth connected app will let the wearer customize the colors of the footwears, yet will certainly also all the wearer to access a variety of packs, like the Running Have, where the footwear will radiance red, blue or eco-friendly depending upon if they are attacking their target rate. Various other packs will permit you to completely match your footwears to a clothing selfie, your bestie’s footwears, designer compilations or glow at night for nighttime presence. Now we merely have to the footwear to attack the market as well as we’ll be set.