So, What's Really Going On With Wearable Tech?, awesome gadgets

If I claimed ‘wearable tech’ to you, exactly what would you think of?

With heavyweights like Google Glass and the imminent release of the iWatch striking the headlines nearly daily as well as wrists anywhere modelling physical fitness trackers like the Fitbit and the FuelBand, it wouldn’t take you long to conjure up an example.

A couple of years earlier, modern technology that you ‘d wear everyday to improve your everyday life was not precisely widespread.

The work 2 years has actually seen a substantial rise in the manufacturing of wearable modern technology products and just what was as soon as considered as futuristic geekdom is now very common stuff.

There’s a great deal claimed about wearable technology, and what one reporter creates off as ‘over-hyped’ is another’s game-changer. It can be challenging to exercise whether people seem to believe wearable technology is an excellent concept, or whether they typically aren’t really keen.

Being lucky adequate to have a device on-hand to check exactly what people available in the big, bad world consider them, we determined to conduct some research study as well as analysed over 8 million chats around the based on see if we might find out anything intriguing. Which we did.

Year on year the discussion around wearables has exploded– increasing an incredible 190 % when you compare the initial quarter of work year (973,300 points out) to that of this year (2,816,814 points out).

MASSIVE numbers, there.

One of the appealing points that originated from this study – probably that we weren’t anticipating – is that babble concerning wearable technology is not restricted to the water cooler in the design department.

Discussion concerning wearables has ended up being much more widespread in mainstream society, and also we’re seeing more sorts of individuals chatting regarding it, and also in more kinds of areas. Just like with cellular phones or tablets almost a decade ago, we’re on the cusp of a social change that shows our altering attitudes to exactly how we cope with technology.

To show you much more, our buddies at Great Sound created a terrific infographic using our Brandwatch Analytics information that chooses some essential points.

What do you consider wearable tech? Do you own any sort of on your own? Allow us know!